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About the Grand Finale
The activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity are financed from the nationwide public fundraiser. The Orchestra 'plays' all year round, but the entire country comes together in aid of public healthcare in January. The volunteers brave cold January streets to raise money and people flock to community centres, schools, public squares and concert venues to take part in the festivities, which accompany the fundraiser. Each Grand Finale has a carefully chosen objective, which is decided upon based on extensive consultations with medical professionals as well as requests made by public hospitals and clinics. The Orchestra's goal is to improve the level of medical care offered to the most vulnerable patients - we are working to refurbish wards treating newborns, young children, and elderly patients in geriatric and long-term care units. Simultaneously, we aim to introduce innovative medical practices and treatments by means of initiating and running medical programmes and promoting first aid and CPR awareness in primary schools. 

Volunteers during the fundraiser; I. Kohutnicki

The Grand Finale traditionally takes place on a chosen Sunday in January. Just after the excitement of Christmas and the New Year's Eve frenzy we are able to organise a carnival in the middle of bleak run-to spring. Each of the Grand Finales - and we came together 24 times already - meaning almost a quarter of a century of foundation's work is run with the help of local activists and volunteers, who establish regional Collection Centres. Collection Centres coordinate the fundraiser locally and come up with different forms of entertainment, encouraging local community to participate in the efforts. The street fundraiser is accompanied with a live telethon, an online auction and various sporting events and musical performances. The main event is held in Warsaw - at 8 pm sharp we invite everyone to watch a stunning fireworks display. The fundraiser ends at midnight, when we announce the estimated amount we have collected on that day. 

Throughout the years we have raised and, consequently, invested into public medicine over 650 million PLN.