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Grand Finale

29th Grand Finale Date Annouced

2020-09-16 11:15:42


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation will hold its annual charitable fundraiser on January 10th, 2021. Registration of local Collection Centres, which are tasked with holding the fundraiser across the country and in various locations worldwide will begin on October 5th, 2020, marking the official start of the process of preparation for the fundraiser. The Grand Finale fundraiser raises money for the purchase of medical equipment for public hospitals and clinics across the country. The organizers are making sure to introduce changes and new solutions with the aim to ensure the safety of all volunteers and members of the public involved in the charitable initiative. 

Each annual fundraiser has a clear and highly publicized medical objective so that benefactors know what branch of medicine they will support. The objective will be announced after consultations with medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and scientists to determine which branch of medicine needs support the most. 

Even though we are all looking forward to the charitable fete, which is often accompanied by concerts, sporting and cultural events, we are focusing on ensuring the safety of all involved in the fundraiser. We will follow all and any recommendations from medical professionals and are currently working on introducing new guidelines and regulations tailored to our new reality. 

We are ready to start the preparations for the 29th edition of Grand Finale fundraiser. Everyone is looking forward to the annual charitable fete, and, despite the pandemics, we will do our best to hold a memorable event. We are grateful for the support and for the fact that so many people from all around the world are ready to carry out the Grand Finale preparations. Is there any other event, other than Christmas, which has such power to unite the Polish community from all corners of the globe? It's not only the Polish communities that come together at the Grand Finale - the fundraiser has the power to engage local communities of activists. Australia, Bali, Japan - to name just a few of our international locations. We are launching registration of our local Collection Centres on October 5th, 2020. 

Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation 

Customarily, the Grand Finale is run by local Collection Centres, which are based across Poland and over 100 Collection Centres located outside of the country. This winter, our charity raised over PLN 186 000 000 in aid of children's diagnostics and surgery. The fundraiser is a staple in the events calendar in Poland, an established celebration of charity, volunteer service, and social involvement for generations of Poles across the globe. 


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