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2022-01-27 23:03:46



The jubilee, 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is dedicated to the purchase of medical equipment to ensure the highest standards of diagnostics and treatment of eyesight in children. Children's ophthalmology wards and subdivisions as well as separate children's beds in adult ophthalmology wards operate in 25 centres in 17 Polish cities. There are also paediatric ophthalmology outpatient clinics throughout the country, which also need to be equipped with modern ophthalmic equipment. Every year, several thousand patients are hospitalised in paediatric ophthalmology wards.

We know very well that the key to effective vision treatment is diagnostics and prevention, which is why we wanted as many Polish children as possible to have access to free vision screening tests. We are glad that the Essilor group (Essilor Polonia sp. z o.o.; JZO s.a.; JAI KUDO Polska sp. z o.o.) became a partner of our action, because thanks to them the action " See the light ", i.e. the programme of free vision screening tests for children, will be conducted in partner shops. Participation in the action is also open to any salon that will provide at least 4 days of free visual acuity tests for children. The programme also aims to give children from the most disadvantaged families free glasses.

All optical salons are encouraged to take part in the campaign, which will run from 17 January to 28 February 2022.


Parents, on the other hand, are encouraged to check if there are salons in their area that offer free eye examinations to children. We are gradually adding to our list of opticians' shops where you can have your child's eyes tested.


translated by: Łukasz Kujac 

Wolontariusz 29. Finału WOŚP. fot. Paweł Krupka

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