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Why do Poles Support our Charity?

2021-02-26 10:18:26


What is the reason behind the lasting support we enjoy? What influence did the pandemic have on the amount of money we can raise? What is the percentage of people who believe that we are a trustworthy charity? Why do people volunteer with us? We wanted to find answers to all these pressing questions, so we commissioned a public opinion survey! 


Jurek Owsiak podczas 29. Finału WOŚP fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


We found out that we still enjoy overwhelming support from the public. 84% of people answered a resounding YES  when asked if they trust the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, making us the ranking leader. This means that our work comes across as honest, trustworthy, and reliable. We're also delighted to note that we lead in the rankings together with eight other non-governmental initiatives. Charities such as the Polish Red Cross and Polish Humanitarian Action, Anna Dymna's Foundation, Ewa Błaszczyk's Foundation all surpass 64%. 

We have also found out that the donors and benefactors declare their support regardless of the Grand Finale's objective, explaining that they appreciate that we will provide tangible support to public healthcare in the country. 

It is worth noting that our charity is the absolute leader when it comes to the youngest respondents' trust. 90% of people aged 16-29 trust our charity. 



Why do people support our charity? 

We were curious to find out the motivation behind people donating their money, volunteering their time and effort, showing their vocal support on social media and getting our merch to flaunt their approval. 71% of respondents noted that they enjoy the fact that by donating to our charity, they can help others, while 69% of people note that the GOCC raises money to aid worthy objectives. Another important aspect influencing the support from the public is the fact that we enjoy their trust. 65% of people said that they know that our charity will spend the money wisely and honesty. It is also interesting to see that 30% of Poles donate to our charity because they or someone they know benefitted from our work! 


What did the pandemic change? 

Covid-19 pandemic did influence the participation in the Grand Finale fundraiser. 26% (around 6% more when compared with last year) said they skipped taking part in the Grand Finale fundraiser. Some people admitted that the reason they did not donate this year due to a lack of funds. 

Another aspect that was changed by the global pandemic was how people donated. Online donations soared by almost 20%. Last year 26% of respondents donated using digital methods of support, while this year, 41% of people choose to donate via the Internet. Online auctions and eCollection Box service were by far the most popular among the respondents. 


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