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CPR for Schools

How to learn first aid?

2018-01-08 11:10:47

One of the aims of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation is promoting first aid knowledge and ensuring that more people have the skills to save lives. The Foundation runs an educational initiative: CPR for Schools, which has reached 91% of schools in the country, bringing first aid training to almost 3 million primary school pupils nationwide! Adults are welcome to take part in the Peace Patrol training, where they learn more about CPR and first aid at an intensive, immersive course

Grand Finale would not be the same without first aid presentations and courses - you will be able to learn from the top experts in the field - firefighters, qualified first responders, EMTs, paramedic and Peace Patrol instructors. Even if you have attended a similar first aid course before practice makes perfect and it's worth revisiting the training to improve your skills. 



Locations, where you will be able to learn CPR and first aid on January 14th, 2018. 


Volunteer firefighters will be instructing at an open CPR presentation. You will also be able to learn from water rescuers and learn to swim at the local swimming pool. 



First aid presentation will take place at Wzorcownia shopping centre. 



First aid and CPR presentation and course combined with competitions and fun challenges. 



First aid and CPR training prepared by local volunteer firefighters and scouting teams. There also will be a tour of the fire station and a go in a fire engine. 




Paramedics will team up with high school students to teach first aid and CPR. 



The training will take place in the old town and will be led by the water search and rescue teams and teams of EMTs.



First aid training tent on the Parade Square in front of the Palace of Culture and Science. You will also be able to take a ride on a vintage Ikarus bus and learn CPR on board! 


Zduńska Wola

The CPR and first aid training will be available in different locations throughout the day of the Grand Finale. 



Each Grand Finale volunteer will be trained in first aid, so they will be ready not only to take part in the public collection but also help whenever they see anyone in need. The volunteers will be trained by qualified paramedics and EMTs. Each volunteer will also be equipped with basic first aid kit. 



A short first aid presentation will precede the concert, and there will be a first aid education stall located at the Echo shopping centre. 



Frist aid training will be available in two locations. A CPR for Schools tent will be open to everyone willing to learn CPR and a stall at the Promenada shopping centre will also be holding first aid training. 



Children, who have received first aid training within the CPR for Schools initiative will present their skills on the stage. 



Paramedics and EMTs will be teaching CPR and first aid in Cieszyn. 

First aid will also be taught in  Lubań, Tuczno, Opole, Gdańsk, Kalisko.


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