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How to donate to a charitable auction?

2017-11-13 17:00:06

Charitable auctions are always a hit when it comes to raising money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, and you too can become a part of this worldwide phenomenon.

Would you like to find out how to put something up on auction? We have some useful tips and guidelines for your participation in the philanthropic initiative. 

If you own items you would auction for the benefit of the 26th Grand Finale collection, you first, should set up an account at and from December till the middle of February, you will be able to list items at the Grand Finale charitable auctions. You are the manager of your listing - you choose photos, write the description and set all the parameters of your listing. You are then responsible for contacting the lucky winner of the bidding war and posting the items. 

If you would like us to handle the auction for you, you should mail or deliver the items you wish to sell to the office of the Foundation: 

Fundacja WOŚP
Dominikańska 19C
02-738 Warszawa 
add 'AUKCJE' (auctions) on your parcel 

You should enclose a duly signed and filled in documents (natural person & entity) confirming that you wish the item to be auctioned off for the benefit of our charity. Please make sure to include pictures of the item and brief description of the lot! 

Last year the total of auctions listed on our charitable platform reached a really impressive number of 115 thousand listings, which, in turn, brought an amazing sum of 9 million PLN! Thank you for your participation! 


Stanowisko orkiestrowych aukcji podczas 25. Finału WOŚP, fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


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