At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN
Grand Finale

Volunteers are Hitting the Streets Already

2019-12-23 16:06:35


Even though the 28th Grand Finale will take place on Sunday, January 12th, some Collection Centres are already organising different fundraising events for their communities. What is more, Collection Boxes are displayed on various business premises in Poland and abroad.  


Stationary Collection Box can be displayed on business premises and other publicly accessible spaces (city council buildings, libraries, schools) from 15th of December. Collection Box should be displayed alongside a notice - a document which confirms that the collection is officially held in aid of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. 



Fundraising Events can be held starting on the 15th of December. Any event held in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser can be considered a fundraising event - it can be a workshop or a board-game meet-up, a cook-out, bake-off, a performance or a fancy dress party. Please note that the fundraising events cannot be ticketed, but the organisers can ask you to contribute money in aid of the charity. There will be volunteers present at the event, so you'd be able to donate at any point! 


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2020-10-09 16:29:29

PET-CT Scanner for PLN 16 000 000

The state-of-the-art PET-CT scanner, which will be donated to the Memorial Children's Hospital in Warsaw, was bought at the 54th edition of Open Tender. The device, worth PLN 16 000 000 will be the first digital PET-CT scanner used to diagnose children.

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GOCC Roundabout in Warsaw

You can take a spin on the brand-new roundabout which has been officially named after our charity. We're very honoured and pleased to be such a part of the fabric of the daily lives of citizens of Warsaw.

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29th Grand Finale Date Annouced

Next year's edition of our winter fundraiser will take place, on January 10th, 2021. We are making all necessary adjustments to the fundraising process to ensure that we can hold our charitable fete safely and still have fun raising money for modern medical equipment.

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Our Charity to Buy Beds for COVID-19 Patients

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