Grand Finale

Charitable auctions in Krosno

2018-01-08 14:50:30

The Collection Centre in Krosno has been holding charitable auctions since the 21st Grand Finale and unexpected success of the bidding war inspired the team from Krosno to continue showcasing unique items. In total, the Krosno Collection Centre has listed 397 exceptional auctions and each year they have fetched more and more money - with a new Krosno record being set in 2017 when they have collected 48.000 PLN through their charitable auctions. 

What's in store for buyers this year? There will be pieces of precious jewellery (golden heart pendant decorated with 25 diamonds) amazing experience packs (such as a voucher for a hot-air-balloon flight signed by Jurek Owsiak, a voucher for a glider and a plane flight) and really kooky items such as a chocolate Santa Claus weighing 11 kg among many, many others. 

Check out auctions listed by SztabWOSP-Krosno


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