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Grand Finale

Our First Virtual Charity Run!

2019-12-03 10:42:51


We will kick off next year's Grand Finale a full day earlier and hold our charitable 5K race on Saturday, January 11th. The aim of the 14th edition of the Get Even with Diabetes run is to raise money to buy personal insulin pumps. These personal insulin pumps will be donated to clinics across the country, where they will be available for rent - free of charge - by women with diabetes who are planning to have a baby. Pregnant women can then manage their diabetes, making their pregnancy stress-free and ensuring the birth of a healthy baby. To date, we purchased 72 personal insulin pumps! 

This year, for the first time in the 14-year history of our charitable race, we are offering you the option to take part in a virtual charity run! 



What is a virtual race? 

Virtual race lets you decide when and where you will take part in the competition. There is only one requirement is to stick to the distance of 5K, but the participants are free to choose how they complete the range - be it by running, walking, skiing, biking, or rollerblading. Sounds fun? 


What is the aim of the virtual race? 

The form of the race might be innovative, but the objective remains the same - to raise money to buy personal insulin pumps which ten will be rented, free of charge, of course, to pregnant women with diabetes. The entry fee is as low as PLN 40 (you can choose to increase your donation) - all funds raised will go towards the purchase of personal insulin pumps. 


How to take part in the virtual race? 

First, you need to register at Slotmarket site. You will then receive your race pack (our orange race T-shirt and your running number. On your chosen race day, you can use your favourite fitness tracker app, your phone GPS app, or a fitness watch to register an activity of at least 5K distance. Make sure to document your race - send us a photo or a screenshot confirming your activity to [email protected] to receive your medal! 



photo by Igor Kochutnicki

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