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Humanitarian Aid Point in Michałowo

2021-11-10 17:38:14



The humanitarian aid point has been launched in cooperation with the Polish Red Cross and the office of an Ombudsman. The aid point aims to support volunteers and organizations engaged in providing humanitarian help to refugees stranded on the border between Poland and Belarus. Anyone looking to assist can rely on the stock gathered in Michałowo humanitarian aid point. The point of humanitarian assistance will be equipped with all necessary items and basic medical supplies, handed out to volunteers who can reach people stuck on the border. We also want to provide activists and volunteers with a place to rest and warm up between their trips into the forest.




We aim for our humanitarian point to become a first in a supply chain for volunteers working on the border - a place where supplies can be stored and distributed to those who might need it.  


Please remember that we are not running a collection - we aim to serve as a place for stocking essential supplies and a place for the rest of the volunteers. The supplies are available at the first aid point are also brought to locations where refugees might reach. 

We will provide, among others: 

  • face masks (medical-grade KN95 / FF5) 
  • Disinfectant liquids 
  • Space blankets 
  • Hand warmers 
  • First Aid kits 
  • Packages with warm clothes and shoes 
  • Water 
  • Food supplies 


We have already bought equipment and medical supplies for first aid workers who have been working at the border. We have bought devices and equipment for almost PLN 40 000. Jurek Owsiak also ran a Facebook fundraiser in aid of the Ocalenie Foundation and raised PLN 72 927. 


We call the citizens of Poland to take up the initiative! 

  • We demand NGOs and activists to be granted access to the area to help people who are currently on the territory of Poland. 
  • We demand the government to create places where the refugees can remain in a dignified and safe environment await all legal, international procedures to be completed. Furthermore, we urge the government to lift restrictions that forbid and prevent activists from helping the refugees. 



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