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Grand Finale

Visit the Building Site of the Grand Finale Studio

2021-01-24 21:02:08


Let's check out the progress on the building site of our Grand Finale studio which is being erected at the very heart of our capital city of Warsaw. The vibrantly designed temporary studio, which will be housed by a large tent, will become the very hotspot of the activity on the day of the fundraiser. Both the telethon and concerts will be broadcast live on the Internet and TV from this location. 

The studio's dimensions are 2 600 m2. The main feature of the carefully designed set will be 1000 light points (and we mean massive led screens), which will create a vibrant (and bright!) backdrop for the telethon and concerts. Outside the studio, and visible for all passersby, will be a pyramid created out of screens. It will allow members of the public to peek inside the tent and to find out what's going on on the inside. 80 trucks will be used to haul all the equipment necessary to construct this temporary sudio. It comes as no surprise that the tent and equipment are estimated to weigh 140 tonnes. 


Budowa studia 29. Finału WOŚP, fot. Dariusz Breś


Safety first! 

The crew working on-site at the studio will be taken care of by two ER teams, two doctors, and two teams of fully equipped first responder teams. All people working at the studio - musicians, production team, and guests will go through mandatory coronavirus testing, fill in a medical questionnaire and have their temperature checked. We liaise closely with all relevant medical services and health & safety authorities signed off on our event. 

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