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Hotline for COVID-19 Relief Launched

2020-04-14 17:13:17


We launched our citizen's intuitive, which aims to connect local volunteers with people, who due to the coronavirus outbreak in Poland cannot or should not leave their houses. Our volunteers reach out to people and arrange for simple tasks to be completed: volunteers can pick up prescriptions, exercise dogs, or do shopping for people who otherwise are unable to leave their houses. Four hundred people received help from our volunteers, and with the launch of the new hotline asking for help will become much easier, in particular for people who are older and don't have access to the internet. 


Thanks to the support from PeekQuick we were able to launch a dedicated hotline for people looking for help. If you are looking for help in simple daily tasks which would require you to go outside and you are in a group which should avoid leaving their homes (pre-existing health conditions, age are determining factors) you can call our hotline at 12 446 68 15. PeekQuick employees will enter your details into our database and we will get you in touch with your local volunteers. 

Each day we receive information about senior citizens, our elderly neighbours who need help. The online form is often filled in by their younger family members who are away and are unable to help. We know that an online contact form can become a massive obstacle for people who do not use the computer. Senior citizens are the most vulnerable group that's why we teamed up with PeekQuick to launch a phone hotline to help them. says Marcin Garczyński, who coordinated the initiative. 


The initiative to help each other and provide support to the community inspired not only activists based in Poland. We received information that there are volunteers in the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Finland, and Canada. So far, there are nearly 2 thousand people who are ready to help registered in our database. We registered 400 errands, but it is essential to note that once volunteers get in touch with people they help, they can reach out to each other directly. 


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