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Grand Finale

Register your local Collection Centre

2020-10-06 16:06:32


We have officially launched the process of registration fo local hubs of fundraising activity, which we call Collection Centres. The local Collection Centres take up the brunt of the work regarding the organization of the Grand Finale fundraiser. Local activists are responsible for recruiting volunteers and coordination of their work on the day of the Grand Finale. What is more, local Collection Centres come up with different activities and events which make the day of the Grand Finale one of the key events in the social calendar for the local community. 


Even though we are respecting all COVID-19 regulations and we will be taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all volunteers and people taking part in our winter fundraiser, we decided to launch the registration process for Collection Centres. You can choose a form of Collection Centre which suits your resources and ideas best. 


Information for organizers of Collection Centres 


Wolontariusze 28. Finału WOŚP, fot. Marcin Zieliński


1. Collection Centre 

Traditional Collection Centre is established locally by activists who want to coordinate the work of volunteers and to coordinate a variety of events, which usually make the day of the Grand Finale one of the highlights of the local community calendar. The gist and a key element of the work of a Collection Centre is always the public fundraiser which can take place only on the day of the Grand Finale. 


2. Stationary Collection Box 

This fundraiser method is directed towards companies and firms which have offices or premises which are accessible to the members of the public. The company which forms this Collection Centre can then display Collection Boxes. There are no volunteers involved in this form of a fundraiser, but there must be an official notice displayed alongside each Collection Box. The original of the notice should be kept at the head office of the company. 


3. Online Collection Box 

This fundraiser method is directed towards companies, web portals, and website administrators who would like to launch an online collection in aid of our Grand Finale initiative. The online fundraiser can begin on December the 15th and it can end on the day of the Grand Finale - January 10th, 2021. Online collection can be a: 

  • crowdfunding 
  • payment form 
  • international payment form 
  • cryptocurrency 
  • group shopping 
  • mobile app fundraiser 


4. Fundraising Events 

Fundraising events can be held from 15th of December 2020 until the day of the Grand Finale on 15th of January 2021.  Money raised during the event must go towards the objective of the Grand Finale in its entirety. The type of event depends entirely on the creativity and resources of the organizers. Some of the more popular events include fun work-out sessions, concerts, and crafts workshops. 


Wolontariusze 28. Finału WOŚP, fot. Marcin Zieliński


Are you based abroad? 

The procedure of registration of a Collection Centre which is based abroad is exactly the same as the process for Polish Collection Centres. First of all, select the form of registration which fits your course of action and resources and complete the registration. Make sure to follow local regulations which apply in your country. 


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