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6 Reasons Why You Should Run To Stop Diabetes & Learn CPR

2016-11-30 13:03:22

January is one of the coldest months on the northern hemisphere...but that's when we all come together to fundraise for hospitals and just have some much-needed fun. Traditionally, runners clad in bright orange T-shirts take to the streets of Warsaw to show their support of those who suffer with diabetes. This year, we decided to add a theme of teaching first aid as the fundraising objective of the run. The local editions of the run are organized by individual Collection Centres, and they are also very popular in the community of runners. 

Why should you don the bright orange T-shirt and run accross the snow-swept streets this year? 

  • It's an opportunity to combine your competitive streak with charitable activity. 
  • Interesting route of the run will take you accross the city centre. 
  • Everyone is welcome to join, because there are no age-restrictions, so your jogging family can all take part! 
  • The proceeds from the entry fee go towards purchasing insulin pumps and making sure that first aid is taught in schools in Poland. 
  • A brilliant way of combining your passion for running with helping a charitable organization. 
  • The race office is located in a race village and will be operating for three days. 



Not based in Warsaw, but you still would like to race against diabetes? Check the map below for locations across Poland! 
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