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Grand Finale

Get Even With Diabetes & Learn First Aid

2016-12-01 11:48:07

The runners, clad in bright orange T-shirts, became a traditional element of the Grand Finale events. This edition marks the change of the name of the race - we are adding one more theme: learning first aid. We feel that there is still a lot to be done in the area of promoting and supporting first aid education in Poland. That's why we decided to divide proceeds from entry fees between two worthy causes: purchasing insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes and supporting first aid education programme in Polish public primary schools. 

The 5K run, which is family friendly event, will take place on January the 15th, 2017. The event in Warsaw will be attended by 5 000 runners, but there are going to be local editions of the race, which will be held in different parts of the country by local Collection Centres. As there is no age limit for entering this race, so you can make it a family outing - everyone is welcome to join! 



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