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Sport for Charity

2017-01-10 10:54:02


The Foundation is all about healthy lifestyle, that's why Collection Centres working as a part of the Grand Finale hold a variety of sporting competitions and events. The flagship event is the so-called GOCC Run. Organised for 11th time thsi year, the 5K run is held under a slightly diffetent name: 'Get Even with Diabetes and Lean CPR'. The change of name is connected with the fact that the GOCC Foundation has been very much involved in teaching first aid to primary school children. The proceeds made from the sale of stat packs go towards the purchase of insulin pumps to be lend to pregnant women with diabetes and towards financing the CPR for Schools programme. This family-friendly run became a staple part of the day of the Grand Finale. The runners (and very often nordic walkers) will soon take to the streets of towns and cities across the country. 
You can check the runs on the map below: 
If funning is not really your cup of tea there is a plenty of other sporting events to choose from. If you feel like you have been a mermaid in your previous life, you might be interested in the event organised by Collection Centre in Słupsk. The 'Night Swimming' event will incomporate diving exercises, water obstacle course and water aerobics. If you are ready to take it to the extreme, you can take part in the polar bear plunge with the team of winter swimmers in Cieszyn Śląski. Still keeping things cool, you can take part in the ice extravaganza in Krosno. The night-time skating event is open both to pros and begginners alike. However, if team sports are more your sort of activity, you can take part in the volleyball tournaments in Skoki, or football event in Siechnice - you take your pick! 






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