Our COVID-19 Relief Fund Raised
26 195 451 PLN
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Registration for the 14th "Get Even with Diabetes" run is carried out throug the Slot Marker platform. Event website: https://www.slotmarket.pl/event/details/208/14-bieg-wop-policz-si-z-cukrzyc

If you're not able to come to Warsaw at 11th of January 2020, you can take part in 1st "Get Even with Diabetes" virtual run. More info and registration: https://slotmarket.pl/event/details/209/1-wirtualny-bieg-wop-policz-si-z-cukrzyc

2020-07-07 10:43:23

PLN 50 000 000 for COVID-19 Relief in Poland

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has oficially summed up its activities and support of Polish healthcare which aimed to address coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Our charity has donated medical equipment for PLN 48 000 000.

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