No hate, just rock!

Let's stand up to hate together!


We believe that the solution to hate and hate speech lies in positivity. By tapping into creativity, friendliness, and kindness we can put stop to the spreading epidemics of hate. We would like to reach as many people as possible and to spread the message of support, friendship and trust. We believe that we can win this fight - as long as we all come together and create a community of mutual support and understanding. 

 Become a part of our anti-hate movement. Photo: Ł. Widziszowski


We want to address the issue of hate systematically. Firstly, we reached out to the Ombudsman to see if his office was planning any educational initiatives and we coined a plan to hold an open debate, where we - joined by experts in the fields of law, education, and social activism. We tried to find legal solutions to hate, listened to experiences of different individuals, who have either experienced hate or work to help victims of hate.


This debate marked the official start of our social awareness campaign - No Hate, Just Rock (Hejt mi nie gra). If you would like to show others that you are against hate, that you are there to support others through their journey to combat hate, take a snap and post in on social media with hashtag #hejtminiegra. Let's see how many people are actually there to support each other! Let's create a community of friendly, positive people! Let's use the power of the internet for good! 


2019-10-16 16:56:43

Objective of the 2020 Grand Finale fundraiser

The medical objective of the upcoming Grand Finale fundraiser, which will take place on Sunday, January 12th, 2020 will focus on raising money to ensure the highest standards of diagnostics and care in paediatric surgery and treatment. Our motto is Wind in Our Sails!