Emergency Dispatchers

Project to Help Medical Emergency Dispatchers

In 2013 the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity decided to actively work on a project aimed to provide the support to medical emergency dispatchers in Poland. Our interest in this matter, which might seem far removed from the day-to-day aims and objectives of the foundation has been motivated by the fact that the systematic failures of emergency response system have caused fatalities. We have teamed up with the Ministry of Health in order to solve the issues, which might be causing such gaping holes in the first response system, and called up a working party consisting of experts from the ministry and from the foundation. The working party received tremendous help from the Association of Medical Dispatchers in Poland, which offered valuable insight into the needs and difficulties encountered by dispatchers in their work. 


The experts of the working party have collected the results of their discussions and meetings in a document titled 'Project for an initiative to support the first response system in Poland, with the particular emphasis on the work of medical emergency dispatchers', which has been submitted for the attention of Minister for Health in May 2013. The project outlined the proposed changes for the way dispatchers conduct the initial medical interview. Our working party suggested that an especially designed algorithm should help dispatchers make vital decisions faster and more efficiently, in the same time eliminating a risk of human error and providing step-by-step help in the difficult and stressful work of medical emergency dispatchers. 


Our project outlined implementation in three steps, covering three different areas. Firstly, the new procedures had to be lawfully introduced into the health system nationwide. Secondly, the algorithm had to be created. The work on this stage was twofold: a comprehensive guide was accompanied by a computer system guiding the dispatchers through the medical interview. Eventually, as the system had to be introduced nationwide, the project suggested holding training sessions for dispatchers across the country. 


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New ambulance for Kraszewo

Children living in Kraszewo medical facility and hospice know how it is to take each day as it comes. We, on the other hand, know that we are obliged to provide the dedicated staff at the nursing care centre with top quality equipment.