Orthopaedic surgery

We will help treat children with bone defects in Poland!

National Programme of Bone Extension and Treating Bone Defects in Children


We have launched this new medical programme in May 2017. Thanks to the funds raised through our charitable tax donation drive we have been able to buy specialistic equipment to be used to stabilise and fix bone defects in children. The specialised external fixators are used by the talented and dedicated doctors to treat children who require operations and procedures in order to extend or stabilise their limb bones. Up till now, children more often than had to undergo operations (sometimes a series of surgeries) and a lengthy rehabilitation process abroad. Once the child has been fitted with an external fixators, the doctors need to adjust the device in order to maintain the proper growth of the limb. Thanks to our initiative we can now ensure that children can receive treatment in Poland! 



Thanks to the commitment of dedicated medical staff and with the help of equipment purchased by the Foundation, the children will be able to undergo surgeries and rehabilitation in Poland. Until now, children and their families chose to travel abroad for treatment, but thanks to the purchase of specialised surgical equipment, they will be able to stay in their home country. 

The funds have been raised through our charitable tax donation initiative in 2016. We have purchased state-of-the-art fixators, which allow doctors to stabilise, strengthen, and extend the bones after surgery and other vital equipment for orthopaedic clinics in Otwock and Poznań. Having analysed the needs of hospitals, the Foundation's board has decided to launch a comprehensive programme in order to support Polish medicine and to make sure that children can be treated in Poland. 


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