Declared result of the 32nd Grand Finale: PLN 175,426,813 Our account now:
175426813 PLN
32nd Grand Finale

We are all in tune!


The Grand Finale is a one-day public fundraiser organised by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Traditionally, the Grand Finales are preceded by online auctions, activities, and events starting in December.    



The 32nd Grand Finale took place on Sunday, 28 January 2024 and “played” all around the world.




 On 24 October, we have revealed the aim of the fundraiser:
“Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!”.
Our motto this year is:
“We are all in tune!”


The final result of the fundraiser will be revealed at a press conference set for 27 March 2024. Stay tuned! 




The 32nd Grand Finale of the GOCC was dedicated to the purchase of equipment for diagnosing, monitoring, and rehabilitating pulmonary diseases among kids and adults.

Altogether, there are 64 respiratory units across Poland, all of which are confirmed to receive our support. 


The Foundation plans to purchase:

  • equipment for diagnostic imaging, i.a. MRI and ultrasound equipment, 
  • equipment for functional diagnosis, i.a. polysomnographs and portable spirometers,
  • equipment for endoscopic diagnosis, i.a. navigational bronchoscopy systems and bronchoscopes
  • equipment for rehabilitation - equipment for pulmonary rehabilitation used in the treatment of patients after lung transplantation
  • equipment for thoracic surgery, e.g. electrocoagulation systems and cryoprobes.



The 31st Grand Finale “played” on 29 January 2023 under the theme:
We want to beat sepsis!
We play for all – the little and the big ones!


During the 31st Grand Finale we have raised the total of PLN 243,259,389.25 (EUR 52,028,528.98 according to the exchange rate of 31 March 2023).  Thank you for your amazing support!






2024-02-22 16:57:37

The declared result of the fundraiser is in!

The declared amount at the end of the 32nd Grand Finale day was PLN 175,426,813. Today, we have achieved the expected result in our fundraiser's account. However, it is not over yet. We continue to tally the funds. The final result will be revealed on 27 March!