Hold a Grand Finale

Organise a Grand Finale and play together for charity!

26th Grand Finale will take place on Sunday, January 14th, 2018. 


We will begin registering Collection Centres on October the 16th. 


The Grand Finale is made possible by all of you who decide to come together and organise an event locally. Thousands of local initiatives contribute to the series of spectacular events across the entire country. There are also teams of enthusiasts who establish Collection Centres abroad. There are people 'playing' with us in Japan, and in China, across Europe, and in the US. 


This year, we will begin Collection Centre registration on October the 16th, 2017. The registered Collection Centres will be raising funds and organising events to accompany the Grand Finale fundraiser, which will take place on January 14, 2018. 


 Collection Centre in Wejherowo


Collection Centres

Collection Centre is established in order to organise and coordinate public fundraiser held in public spaces (such as streets, marketplaces, et al.) on the day of the Grand Finale. Before springing into action make sure to read the Rules and Regulations governing the work and running of the Collection Centre. 

Remember that a Stationary Collection Box is not an equivalent of a large collection box. For instance, volunteers can fundraise in front of the stage during the live concerts, but you cannot leave the Collection Box or a money box there. 


Stationary Collection Boxes 

This method of fundraising is best suited for corporate offices or companies, which would like to place a Stationary Collection Box on their premises. Difference between a company placing a collection box on its premises and a designated Collection Centre is that the Collection Centre is meant to coordinate a public fundraiser held outside, while at a corporate office the Collection Box should be displayed next to an appropriate Notice, stating the goal of the fundraiser and other relevant details. 


 Holding a 'Closed Event'

A so-called 'Closed Event' is an event taking place on closed premises (an event such as a concert, or a silent disco, or a workshop - the only limit is your imagination and your resources) between 15th of December 2017 and 14th of January 2018, with the proceeds from admission fees supporting the objective of the Grand Finale. The organiser responsible for holding the closed event should make sure that the volunteers collect funds only on the premises of the event. Volunteers cannot fundraise in other public places such as streets or parks. If you would like to reach out for the bands, willing to perform free of charge in order to support the Grand Finale efforts, you can browse through the Bank of Bands.  



Board games at the Collection Centre premises


2017-10-16 23:39:08

We will play to save the lives of newborn babies!

Jurek Owsiak has announced the date and medical objective of the annual winter fundraiser. The Grand Finale will take place on January the 14th, 2018. The fundraiser will be aimed at making sure that all babies born in Poland have equal access to modern medical care.

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