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  • When can I register my Collection Centre?

    30th Grand Finale charitable fundraiser will take place on Sunday, January 30th, 2022. You will be able to register your local fundraising initiative (a Collection Centre) from October 11th, 2021.  

    There are Collection Centres actively fundraising both in Poland and abroad. 


  • What forms of fundraising are available for my Collection Centre?

    Public Charitable Fundraiser 

    That's the core activity of each Collection Centre - a public charitable fundraiser known as the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale fundraiser takes place on Sunday, 30.01.2022. However, there can be fundraising events taking place ahead of the Grand Finale. 


    Fundraising Events

    Any event held in aid of our fundraiser and registered in our database can be a fundraising event - it can be a workshop, a sporting event, a dance lesson or a board game marathon, a concert or a local cuisine cook-out or a bake sale - everything depends on your resources and creativity. Remember that you cannot set tickets for a fundraising event - you can ask the participants to donate, however. 


    Stationary Collection Box 

    This Collection Box can be displayed on the premises of a small business or made available to the public during events held by your Collection Centre. Each time, the Collection Box should be registered, and there should be a volunteer assigned to oversee it. A Collection Centre is allowed to make use of the registered Collection Boxes only. More information about this form of the fundraiser is here.  


    Virtual Collection Box 

    A Collection Centre can fundraise online, provided that the virtual collection is registered in our database. Read more about the Virtual Collection box here.





  • Where can I find more information about Collection Centre registration?

    Before rushing to establish your very own Collection Centre make sure there isn't one already registered in your area. It's best to join an already existing Collection Centre or check if other community activists are looking to take part in our winter fundraising extravaganza. For more information about Collection Centres and their operation can be found here. Remember to read and follow all relevant rules and regulations.  

  • Who can hold a Stationary Collection Box fundraiser?

    This method of a fundraiser is best suited for companies which want to collect funds on their premises. If you own or manage a company which has offices across the country or a shop or any other business, you might consider putting a GOCC Collection Box on your premises. 



  • How does this type of fundraiser work?

    Our Collection Box and the official notice are placed on company premises, in the location which is open to the public. There are no volunteers involved in this fundraiser. Instead, a publicly available Collection Box is displayed on the premises, or in the shop. An original copy of the notice should be made available at the company head office. 

  • How to register to display a Collection Box on my company premises?

    You can read all about it here

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Rules and Regulations
  • When can I register my Collection Centre?

    30th Grand Finale will take place on January 30th, 2022. 

  • What is a "fundraising event"?

    A "fundraising event" can take different shapes and forms - it can be any activity: a sporting event, a play, a dance competition, board games marathon, performance or a bake-off or a cook-out. Donations cannot be equivalent with admission tickets - participants of the event donate sums they are comfortable with! 

  • When can fundraising events be held?

    You can organise various fundraising events (such as concerts, dances, workshops, meet-ups or sporting events)  in the weeks preceding the Grand Finale fundraiser - from December the 15th, 2021 until the day of the Grand Finale on Sunday, January 30th, 2022. 

  • Where can I find more information about fundraising events?

    If you want to hold a fundraising event in aid of the Grand Finale charitable collection, make sure to read up on it here

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Who can register an Online Collection Centre?

    This method of fundraising is best suited for companies and online portals which choose to support our initiative by organising and holding an online money collection. 

  • What forms of charitable collection can be held online?

    Online Collection can be: 

    • Crowdfunding 
    • Online payment form 
    • Online bank transfer 
    • Cryptocurrency exchange 
    • Online shopping 
    • Collection held via a mobile app



  • What else do I need to know about Online Collection Centre?

    Each online collection initiative must be registered in our database. For more information about Online Collection Centres click here