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Requests for Equipment

Procedure of Applying for Equipment from the GOCC

How to request equipment from GOCC?

  • The request should comply with the theme of the current fundraiser or fall under one of the medical programmes ran by the foundation. The request should be sent to us by post and it should be signed by the director of the hospital. 
  • The request for equipment should be motivated. Describe the situation at the ward, list the equipment, which is currently in use, state what are the needs, and how many patients are treated at the ward on average, and all other factors that might indicate that the ward requires additional equipment. 
  • The request for equipment should clearly state the legal status of the hospital, because the foundation donates equipment to public hospitals, which offer treatments free of charge; and that's why all relevant documents and contracts with the National Health Fund should be attached. 


What is the process of granting the request?

  • At first, each request is verified by our Medical Director and her team. We also consult independent experts. 
  • Once the request has been verified, the hospital's management is notified about what devices we expect to donate to their unit. Management also receives a statement, which obliges the unit to the purchase of all supplies and to utilise the equipment according to the contract, namely, by providing free-of-charge treatment to patients. 
  • After all relevant statements have been signed and sent back to us by post, the medical department of the foundation will arrange an open tender with an aim to purchase a concrete number of devices. The requests from hospitals, which have not sent us the signed statements will not be taken into account at the open tender. 
  • You can find the information about the tender on our websites and in the suitable press materials. 
  • Having officially closed the open tender, the foundation signs contracts for the purchase of the equipment with companies chosen during the open tender presentation. The Board of the GOCC and our independent experts are responsible for choosing the equipment at the open tender. 
  • There is up to 3 months deadline for the chosen company to deliver the equipment listed in the contract with the GOCC to the appropriate hospitals - recipients of our donation. 
  • Vendors are obliged to arrange the date of the delivery, its setup on site, and training of the personnel with the hospital. 
  • Once all the above activities have been completed, the recipient signs appropriate equipment release forms, confirming the delivery of the devices. Based on this document, the GOCC can then forward donation contract for the equipment and other relevant accounting documents stating the exact value of the donation. 
  • Vendors are also obliged to provide the staff at the hospital with additional training, if the hospital received very modern or complex devices. 



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2023-05-29 13:57:20

Equipment for the fight against sepsis

The GOCC Foundation has just completed the three-day-long 66th Open Tender held to buy medical equipment for the fight against sepsis. The Foundation spent a record-breaking amount of PLN 168 million!