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Stationary Collection Boxes

How to run a Stationary Collection Box fundraiser?

Corporate offices or companies, which would like to take part in our fundraiser, can place a stationary collection box on their premises. Difference between a company placing a collection box on its premises and a designated Collection Centre, is that the Collection Centre is meant to coordinate a public charitable collection held outside, while at a corporate office the collection box should be displayed next to an appropriate notice, which states the purpose of the fundraiser and provides all relevant information about the collection. 

The application to hold a collection should be sent by the head office of the company, and not by individual, local branches. If your branch would like to participate in the fundraiser, make sure to convince your headquarters to apply, because otherwise an individual application can be denied. If you run your own business, you can apply individually, of course. 

How to go about organising a Collection Centre running a collection by means of Stationary Collection Boxes? 

1. Choose your Chief of Collection Centre - it doesn't have to the be the head manager or owner of the business, but a trustworthy person with a stellar reputation. 

2. Make sure to read the relevant Rules and Regulations 2018  and get familiar with the Notice, which should be displayed along with the Collection Box. Read Stationary Collection Boxes Procedure for 2019 as well! 

3. The Chief should register in the Chief of Collection Centre Database, and accept the Rules and Regulations. The Chief of the Collection Centre should fill in the application form. 

4. The Chief of the Collection Centre prints out the application form, which should be sent to the office of the Foundation. The Notice should be printed out in order to be displayed. 

5. The application form needs to be signed by the Chief of the Collection Centre! 

6. The application form, bearing an original signature and stamps, should be sent or personally delivered to the Foundation's office by 20th of November 2017 (Dominikańska 19c, 02-738 Warszawa). 


We must receive the original document from you! We won't accept any sort of copy, facsimile or an application form sent to us by fax. If you fail to deliver the original documents we will have to reject your application.


So, the decision to run a Stationary Collection Box fundraiser has been made... now what? 

You chose your Chief and your application form (original of course!) has been sent to our address or delivered in person to our office. You have read the appropriate Rules and Regulations, but if you still have some questions, don't hesitate to e-mail us! 

We reserve the right to reject your application to establish the Stationary Collection Box on your premises without stating a reason for doing so. If your application does not raise any formal concerns, we will send you the documents confirming that you have the permission to hold the fundraiser. We begin to application consideration process as soon as we receive the original documents. 

The basic idea of behind any collection organised in aid of the Grand Finale is that your team works in aid of the fundraising theme set by the foundation, but not on our behalf and not in our name. It means that the GOCC Foundation cannot be invoiced for the costs incurred during the fundraiser unless it has been previously agreed upon with the foundation's accounting team. 

All activities and initiatives which take place as a part of the Grand Finale should comply with Rules and Regulations. There must not be even a shade of doubt about the transparency of your actions and integrity of your initiative! 


Please remember that: 

  • there are no volunteers present at this fundraiser because the Collection Box is displayed on company premises. 
  • Collection Box would usually be displayed in a place where most people have access to it (like a cash register in a shop. Each Collection Box should be displayed along with an appropriate Notice. The original document should be available at the company's headquarters. 
  • Stationary Collection Box is assigned to the premises, not to a concrete person, as it is the case during the public fundraiser when the Collection Box is marked with the volunteer's ID number. The institutions or companies, which have been granted the permission to take part in the collection, can run the Stationary Collection Box fundraiser between 15.12.2016 and 15.01.2017, displaying the Stationary Collection Box for an entire month

Financial matters: financial report of your fundraiser is an essential part of the fundraiser. 

The account of the funds raised at your Stationary Collection Box fundraiser should include: 

  • List of all branches/offices/premises where the collection took place and the amount of money raised at each of them. 
  • A document stating the total amount raised by your organisation/company. Use our online Chief of the Collection Centre Database to generate this report
  • A copy of deposit slip for the sum stated in the account of the fundraiser. 
  • The head manager or their representative is responsible for assigning the team in charge of opening the Collection Box and counting the funds, as well as reporting the amount raised to the Chief of the Collection Centre. The Chief of the Collection Centre should receive copies of the deposit slips and protocol from the opening of the individual Collection Boxes. 



Let's be in touch! 

Being in touch with the vast network of Collection Centres is an essential part of coordinating the entire undertaking. Each year we have more and more information to pass on to the Collection Centres! There is a lot of information and updates to share with everyone. Make sure to follow our social media and get to know our website. 

We would like to let everyone know about what you do - you keep amazing us with your ingenuity and creativity with which you make your ideas take shape! Make sure to let us know about your plans for the collection - you have an option to create your own news updates and schedule a series of events accompanying the fundraiser. 


Send us an e-mail with any concerns you might have or drop in for a chat! 


 The team coordinating Collection Centres


2020-07-07 10:43:23

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