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All Poland Teaches to Save Lives

As a result of CPR for schools program 'We Save and Teach How to Save Life' an overwhelming majority of Polish primary schools has been equipped with study aids and the teachers have been trained in first aid. This means that every day children receive guidance on how to behave in dangerous and difficult situations, and discover how they can take action to help people. Primary school children also learn that well-being of others might one day depend on their choices and skills. 

The fact that the program is so popular, inspired us to set ourselves a bigger challenges. We decided to inspire our amazing human capital of teachers, who have been actively involved in CPR for schools initiative, and encourage them to share their CPR skills with their communities. There is a myriad ways to promote first aid awareness. Teachers invite the parents of their pupils to take part in the training, they hold fairs, they take part in and organize competitions, and involve their local communities in the organization. It seems that the action is also conductive to building up community spirit in the local communities. 

If you would like to get involved and organise a similar undertaking in your school or community centre - let us know and we will provide you with our logo and support the promotion of your event in our social media channels. 

We also would like to encourage you to participate in one of the events organized by GOCC within the framework of All Poland Teaches to Save Lives - The National Competition 'We Save and We Teach How to Save Life', which is gaining more and more popularity each year, and the attempts to break the record at CPR, which takes place every year on October the 16th. 

2022-09-06 12:49:50

We are racing for a higher cause!

This year, for the third time, we took part in the Westminister Charity Race at Tor Służewiec galloping for a higher good!