How to become a volunteer?

26th Grand Finale will take place on Sunday, January the 14th, 2018. 


Would you like to take part in the organisation of the Grand Finale? Get in touch with your local Collection Centre!


We rely on the people working in the Collection Centre to register you in our database, and to provide you with an ID card and your Collection Box - just a w few necessities you will need to begin your adventure at the Grand Finale Fundraiser!. The Collection Centre can register a limited number of volunteers, so you need to carefully consider if you would be able to contribute to the work on the day of the Grand Finale. If you are not going to be able to devote your time on the day of the Grand Finale, don't worry. You can still help the Collection Centre organise the work before the main event - there's plenty to do before the fundraising party takes over the country. 


How to find your local Collection Centre?

All contact details for the established Collection Centres can be found on our website. Before reaching out to one of them, make sure to read the Volunteer's Code of Conduct, because apart from the rules which apply within a given Collection Centre, you are bound by the rules listed in this document. 

You need to note that all important decisions are made by the Chief of the Collection Centre. The Chief gets to decide about the division of responsibilities between the members of the Crew and who will join their team and will work at the Collection Centre.  


 Collecting for a good cause!



What are your responsibilities on the day of the Grand Finale? 

You have been registered in a Collection Centre, you have your ID badge and a properly marked and secured with a banderol, you have stocked up on little red heart stickers to hand out to people who have contributed to the cause. Obviously, you have familiarised yourself with the Volunteer's Code of Practice. You are now ready to become a part of the Great Orchestra and play your part in the Grand Finale! 

A couple of things you should remember during your day: 

  • Good practice:

You are fundraising on the day of the Grand Finale only - 14th of January 2018! Unless you are registered as a volunteer at a so-called "Closed Event", you should not be collecting funds on a different date than January the 14th. 

We would like to emphasise that you should remember that our volunteers do not enter private property - you can't enter flats or houses. You can not force anyone to support our case, and we want the day of the Grand Finale to be a day filled with joy and happiness! 

  • Be safe! 

Another important thing to bear in mind is your own safety. Ask your friends to join you, and if you are under 16 years of age, you have to be accompanied by an adult when raising funds during the Grand Finale. You need to provide your Collection Centre with your adult guardian's contact details as well. 

Our drive is a day-long initiative, but you can take your Collection Box back to the Collection Centre at any time if you are tired, or if your Collection Box got wet or is full of money. Once back in the Collection Centre, you should make sure that the money is counted by the person responsible - the funds raised by you should be counted in your presence and the amount should be registered on a list. Your signature on the list means that you have been informed of the amount you managed to raise and that the sum noted by on the list is confirmed by you. If your Collection Centre has your mobile phone number listed on its records you will later receive additional information about the exact sum you have raised. 

After all, all the formalities have been settled, you will receive a separate document listing the amount you have raised from the Chief of your Collection Centre. Due to a number of people who volunteer with us, we are unable to send additional confirmations of voluntary service. 


We love our team of volunteers!

2017-10-16 23:39:08

We will play to save the lives of newborn babies!

Jurek Owsiak has announced the date and medical objective of the annual winter fundraiser. The Grand Finale will take place on January the 14th, 2018. The fundraiser will be aimed at making sure that all babies born in Poland have equal access to modern medical care.

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