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Donate an item

Donate items for our charitable auctions!


Would you like to support our charitable initiative by donating an item for an auction? Read on to find out more details! 

Three ways to donate
List your own item for charity


Each of you can create an account on website, which will enable you to list your items or services on this dedicated Allegro platform. The platform is launched in  December and is available until mid-January. Creating your own listing gives you control over the auction. What is more important, you can edit the description and the item is available as soon as you add it to the platform! The money paid for the item will be transferred to the Foundation's bank account directly. 

This method is by far the easiest and we recommend listing your items using the login details you created for commercial Allegro Platform. No fuss - and you retain all control over your listing! 


Get in touch with the Collection Centre

You can also get in touch with the local hub of activity - your local Collection Centre. Volunteers working in the Collection Centres usually hold a variety of events in aid of the fundraiser - online and offline auctions, raffles and sales. They might be able to put your items to a very good use! 

List of Collection Centres and their contact details are available on our website


Deliver the item to the Foundation

The third option is to deliver the items to the office of the Foundation. However, we need to stress that we might not be able to list all items in a timely manner, because we need to process more and more items donated in aid of charitable auctions. We also reserve the right to choose which items we add to our auctions.

Please get in touch with the department responsible for charitable auctions to ask if they will list your item. 

If they agree to take up handling your donation, you can send your chosen item to the following address: 

Fundacja WOŚP
Dominikańska 19C
02-738 Warszawa 

We cannot list items we don't have in our possession. What is more, in order to list the item, we need you to provide us with a brief description of the item, its story, a set of pictures and relevant documents confirming that you have willingly donated these items.