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Get Even with Diabetes Run

Helping Women with Diabetes!


15th edition of our charitable run will take an entirely new, digital shape. We are allowing you to decide how and when you complete our 5K run. You can walk, run, rollerblade, or even dance - provided that you register your participation online. For a fee of PLN 50, you will receive your runner's pack complete with T-shirt, your personalized runner's number...and maybe a surprise - but promise to flaunt your medal after finishing your run. We are happy that you want to join us and share the message of solidarity with people with diabetes. 

Your fee will go towards the purchase of personal insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. This medical initiative aims to provide personal insulin pumps for women with diabetes who are trying for a baby. These insulin pumps, which are rented out free of charge, ensure a safe, stress-free pregnancy. 


Dawtona sponsors the run and is one of the key partners of our Get Even with Diabetes initiative, which aims to provide customers with diabetes with easy ingredients lists on the packaging of food items. 

15th Edition of Get Even with Diabetes Run
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