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Our history

Our history

  • Foundation established in March

    The Foundation has been officially established in 1993, after the first ever, extremely successful fundraiser. The initiators of the action decided that they needed to establish an official entity to manage the funds and donations.  

  • Revolution in Polish neonatology

    We have decided to support Polish doctors with 160 incubators for neonatal wards across the country, so we have contributed to a rapid leap in neonatal care in Poland. 

  • Our first MRI

    Something we are still very proud of - first MRI scanner has been officially unveiled in 1995. 

  • July - First ever Woodstock Festival Poland

    We descend on Czymanowo to hold first ever Woodstock Festival Poland. Inspired by what went on in the US in the 60s we aim to resurrect the ideas of peace, love, and friendship. 

  • 157 aid transports for southern Poland

    We have sent 157 vans with aid for flood-stricken regions in the south of the country. 

  • Medical aid for refugees

    We have organized a direct aid convoy for Albanian refugees. Despite many obstacles, we have managed to deliver medicine to their camp. 

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  • Nationwide Newborn Hearing Screening programme launched

    We have launched what has proven to be the best nationwide medical initiative in the world. We can now ensure that each child born in Poland has its hearing tested. 

  • Nationwide Retinopathy of Prematurity Prevention programme launched

    We have established a medical programme aiming to ensure that we can treat and prevent eye defects caused by premature birth. We have purchased laser surgery equipment and establish specialistic units across the country. 

  • Nationwide Programme for Personal Insulin Treatment of Children with Diabetes launched

    We decided to improve the quality of life of youngest patients with diabetes by renting them personal insulin pumps. The programme has been soon taken over the Ministry of Health, and we are proud to say that our initiative has been going strong! 

  • We begin to support hospices

    Having considered the needs of children's hospices we decided to purchase cars to help doctors and professionals reach their little patients in their own homes. 

  • Memorial coin

    First ever unique coin gets introduced into circulation - it's a lucky holed coin. We also receive a collector's item -  a silver 10 PLN coin. 

  • Nationwide Programme for Noninvasive Respiratory Support of Newborns launched

    At first, we dubbed this programme 'Infant Flow' and it continues to revolutionize the methods of providing breathing support to newborns. 

  • Szadowo-Młyn opened

    Our training centre, located in the beautiful area surrounding the town of Kwidzyn, will welcome thousands of future volunteers in the coming years. 

  • Nationwide Programme for Personal Insulin Pump Treatment of Pregnant Women with Diabetes launched

    We decided to help women with diabetes to have a healthy pregnancy which would result in the birth of a healthy infant by launching an initiative of renting personal insulin pumps to mothers-to-be. 

  • The Foundation registered as public benefit organization in Poland

    We were entered into the register as a public benefit organization on September the first. 

  • First hospital ward named after the Foundation

    When we were asked by a Krakow hospital about lending our name to their neonatal ward, we could not have been more honoured to give our consent. 

  • First memorial stamp

    We were delighted to serve as an inspiration for a memorial stamp, issued by the Polish Post. The first stamp depicted beautiful sunflowers. The post has designed 7 different stamps since then. 

  • Humanitarian aid for Sri Lanka

    After the tsunami struck Sri Lanka, we decided to help people affected by this natural disaster and bought equipment for 5 hospitals in the area. 

  • We begin to work with AHA

    We invited specialists and instructors from American Heart Association to teach us first aid, marking the beginning of very effective cooperation. 

  • CPR for Schools Programme launched

    The educational programme introduces the basics of CPR and first aid to primary school children. Our AHA-qualified instructors educate teachers, who in turn teach children how they can save lives. The Foundation provides training and teaching materials for free. 

  • 'Get Even with Diabetes' initiative launched

    In cooperation with major food manufacturers, we decided that it was high time to make diabetics' life easier and introduce handy insulin intake dosages on the packaging. 

  • 120 AEDs

    In a bid to promote the use of automated electric defibrillators, we have purchased first 120 machines for different public institutions in the country, such as museums, train stations, universities. 

  • Supporting fire services

    After a fatal accident in Katowice we decided to support first responders on the scene - Polish fire services. 

  • Nationwide Programme for Early Cancer Diagnosis in Children launched

    We launched our new medical initiative setting a new goal for Polish oncology to diagnose cancer and begin its treatment as soon as it is possible. We believe that it would increase the chances of curing the smallest patients. 

  • 'STOP THE FLOODS' initiative

    Poland has been struck by some disastrous floods. In a bid to provide first responders with necessary equipment, we have held a unique summer fundraiser. Our generous donors received blue hearts in return for their donations. 

  • TVN broadcasts the Grand Finale

    Commercial giant - TVN television decides to broadcast the Grand Finale. 

  • Heart-shaped coin

    Another commemorative coin had a truly unique shape of a heart. Another collector's coin featured a rockin' design of guitar. 

  • Braille typewriters for children in Africa

    We decided to deliver special Braille typewriters for visually impaired pupils of Rwandan school. 

  • Now! Go Online

    We held a conference on how NGOs can make use of new media, the internet and social networks in their work. 

  • Telling 'Teddy's Tale'

    We have zero tolerance for violence towards children and we decided to make it clear by hosting a 'Teddy's Tale' initiative for the first time. The idea was to display injured and bandaged toys in public places to draw the attention to this burning issue. 

  • Nobel Peace Prize Summit Medal for Jurek

    Jurek Owsiak received a medal from the hands of Muhammad Yunus. 

  • Brand Asset Valuator

    Agency Young & Rubicam Brands discovered that the Foundation is the most recognizable brand in Poland.  

  • The 'Good Site on the Internet' launched

    A portal aiming to collect and document all the "good sides" of the World Wide Web. Focusing on relevant third sector digital initiatives we aim to showcase the best practices we stumbled upon online. 

  • Emergency dispatchers

    In cooperation with Ministry of Health, we launch the work of joint committee aiming to improve the procedures followed by emergency dispatchers in Poland. 

  • Music Industry Awards in LA

    Jurek Owsiak was lauded as the best festival promoter during the prestigious Music Industry Awards in Los Angeles. 

  • GOCC on the map

    We have been delighted to hear about a community initiative to name a charming cul-de-sac after our Foundation. The street named after the charity is located in Oborniki Śląskie.  

  • 500 000 children tested

    We have celebrated 5 million children having been tested for hearing defects in Poland. We are so happy to be there to welcome them into the world! 

  • Anniversary Grand Finale

    Our 25th fundraiser was unique for many reasons. It took place in a specially designed studio in central Warsaw and, what is more important, it brought about a fabulous, record breaking sum - all in aid of children's medicine and geriatrics!  

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