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Salam Lab takes over the Humanitarian Aid Point

2022-01-09 14:23:15



Salam Lab, working within Grupa Granica, will be taking over the Humanitarian Aid Point, established by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, on January 8th. Our charity spent half a million PLN to equip and run the Humanitarian Aid Point in Michałowo, located near the border between Poland and Belarus but outside of the restricted area. 



The main objective of the Humanitarian Aid Point is to provide material support to all activists working to bring help to refugees who have been stranded in the forests in the border zone. Our Humanitarian Aid Point supplied activists with food supplies, warm clothing, basic medical supplies and offered a safe space to rest, meet other volunteers and warm up in the cold months. 


The Humanitarian Aid Point is open 24/7 and since its launch on November 8th, it has been visited by volunteers working for Ocalenie Foundation, Dialog Foundation, and Grupa Granica. Peace Patrol volunteers, who were responsible for the running of the Humanitarian Aid Point in Michałowo, have handed out 8.5 thousand items of food supplies, 677 portable warmers, 313 space blankets, 561 pairs of socks, and 254 pairs of warm shoes. 


What is more, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity provided medical equipment to medics working on the border. We donated 169 pieces of medical equipment and perishable medical materials to medics from Medycy na Granicy. 

On top of establishing a Humanitarian Aid Point in Michałowo, our charity provided emergency support to a hospital in Hajnówka. The hospital was overwhelmed by the influx of patients, mainly people, who as a result of being stranded in the forests, needed immediate medical care. The charity donated medical devices for almost 480 thousand PLN, such as pulse oximeters, hospital beds, and other equipment. 

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