During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Grand Finale

31st Grand Finale - watch us online!

2023-01-27 16:35:00

The 31st Grand Finale is not just about local events or the main concert in Warsaw! Each year we do our best to make it possible for everyone to join our Orchestra from every corner of the Earth!  


Feeling upset, because you cannot participate in the on-site activities? You would love to join the Grand Finale celebrations in Warsaw at Plac Bankowy or Plac Defilad? Well, here is some good news! All our events will be broadcast live, so that everyone can feel the joy of playing with the Most Beautiful Orchestra in the world, no matter the circumstances!


Press conference before the 31st Grand Finale, photo by: Grzegorz Adamek


This year you can watch us on TV at TVN, TVN24, TTV, during online lives at Player.pl, YouTube (Kreciola TV), Facebook (Kreciola TV, Pol’and’Rock Festival, GOCC), Twitch (Pol’and’Rock Festival), and at Onet.pl as well as listen to special radio  audition aired on Antyradio. 



Are you with us online? Let us know! Tag us on your social media channels using #wosp2023!

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