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15th Edition of Get Even with Diabetes Run - We run in Poland and all over the world!
  • Does each member of my family team need to create a separate account?

    You can take part in a "family run" where up to 5 participants can be signed up using one account. 

  • Can I register my company team?

    You can register your company team to take part in the charitable race. Get in touch with [email protected] to register more participants. 

  • Where will you publish the startlist?

    The start list will be available after we finish the registration process. 

  • Will I get an e-mail confirmation of my registration to take part in the race?

    You should get an automated e-mail. Make sure to check your spam folder! 

  • Can I choose T-shirt size?

    Yes, you can do it when picking up your starter package. 

  • Can I run with my dog?

    Yes, provided that your pet is used to running in a crowd and will be supervised at all times. 

  • Can my kids take part? Can I take my running buggy with me?

    Of course - younger and older children are very welcome! 

  • Can I use Nordic walking sticks?

    Yes, of course!