In aid of Grand Finale 2022 we have raised
18 703 412 PLN
26th Finale

We play in Poland and all over the world!

The objective of this year's fundraiser is the purchase of equipment in order to ensure that all babies born in Poland have equal access to medical care - regardless of where they are born. 


We have raised:

126 373 804, 34 PLN

30 248 164 EUR (According to the exchange rate for February 28th)


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The annual winter fundraiser, which took place on the second Sunday of January in 2018, will be held in order to raise funds to purchase equipment to ensure that all babies born in Poland can have equal access to health care. The objective of each Grand Finale is always chosen very carefully - the medical team at our charity works closely with medical professionals, consults specialists in the field and analyses requests for equipment we receive from the hospitals across the country. After considerations and consultations, we decided that next year we will focus our efforts on making sure that Polish hospitals - big or small, regional medical facilities or small local clinics - are equipped with devices which allow them to treat newborn babies efficiently, and what is sometimes crucial in the process of recovery - as soon as worrying symptoms might occur. We want parents to rest assured that their children have equal access to health care - no matter where in Poland they were born. 


 Jak wygląda wolontariusz WOŚP


Our objective for the next year's Grand Finale fundraiser will be to provide support to neonatological units in Poland. Choosing the fundraiser's goal is never an easy thing to do. We keep hearing about what hospitals in Poland lack, and what help they need from us.  We receive messages from doctors, nurses, parents of children in hospitals. Choosing that key objective is vital, just as vital is then being able to meet the needs accordingly and providing comprehensive help and support - says Jurek Owsiak. 


The Foundation has supported neonatology wards before. In the past, 7 fundraisers have been held in aid of this branch of medicine, and as a result, all neonatological wards in the country have received 3844 pieces of equipment worth 121. 909,333,39 PLN. Doctors and nurses can now rely on 1160 incubators, 367 resuscitation units for newborns, and 334 heart monitors. What is more, the Foundation has initiated, finances, and co-runs medical programmes which aim to ensure that all children born in Poland have their hearing tested or that prematurely born babies can receive eyesight-saving operations in modern clinics.

The last Grand Finale fundraiser focused on helping neonatology units took place in 2013 and five years is a long time considering developments in medical research and advancement in methods of treating newborn and prematurely born babies. It means that in order to stay abreast of new developments in medicine and improve the chances of treatment in neonatology, we need to provide doctors and nurses with state-of-the-art equipment.  We want to make sure that parents know that their children will have access to the same help, the same sophisticated equipment and modern treatment regardless of where in Poland they are. 

We aim to assign the funds raised at the 26th Grand Finale to buy equipment, such as modern incubators, resuscitation units for newborns, infusion pumps, and sophisticated diagnostic equipment like ultrasonograph machines or pulse oxymeters for level I of neonatal care in Poland - which are the majority of neonatal units in the country. 

We know that this is a huge undertaking, but we believe that with the fundraiser going strong in Poland and abroad we will be able to change the face of Polish medicine yet again! 


2022-01-09 14:23:15

Salam Lab takes over the Humanitarian Aid Point

Salam Lab, an organization working within the network of Grupa Granica will be taking over the Humanitarian Aid Point established by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Michałowo, located in the vicinity of the border between Poland and Belarus.