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Fundraising Event

How to Hold a Fundraising Event?


A great way of making your charitable collection even more fun is holding a Fundraising Event. A party, a disco, an exhibition, or a workshop or even a play or a concert are all great ideas for a Fundraising Event. Still, you are limited by your imagination and resources!

A Fundraising event is not an invitation-only party, but it should take place in a specific venue, such as a concert hall, for example. A Fundraising Event can take place anytime between 15 December 2023 until the day of the Grand Finale – 28 January 2024. 

The organiser responsible for holding the Fundraising Events should make sure that the volunteers run the collection only on the premises of the event. Volunteers cannot collect money in other public places such as streets or parks. Such a public fundraiser is reserved for one day only – the day of the Grand Finale. 


There is no admission fee, and no tickets can be sold – there is only a voluntary donation made in aid of the charity!


How to hold a fundraising event step-by-step: 

1. Read and ensure that your team follows the Rules and Regulations of Fundraising Events

2. Appoint a trustworthy person to serve as the Chief of the Event. Chief is responsible for coordinating all work that goes into the organisation of the event. They select volunteers and handle all official matters, such as filling in an application to hold the event and signing all other relevant documents and agreements. 

4. Chief of the Fundraising Event needs to register in the Chief of the Collection Centre Database: they have to fill in the application form, read and agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations

5. The application form, which has been filled by the Chief in the database, has to be printed out and signed by the members of the committee, who are responsible for calculating the funds. 

6. The application form, after it has been signed and stamped, needs to be sent to the GOCC Foundation's offices by post or handed in person.  Our address is Fundacja WOŚP, Dominikańska 19c, 02-738 Warszawa.

Please make sure to follow regulations concerning the health and safety of all volunteers and participants! 


Financial accounts of the Fundraising Event

The promotor of the Fundraising Event should choose at least one person who is going to be responsible for counting the funds raised during the event. The finance committee should consist of adults who have the full legal capacity and enjoy public trust and are respected by the community. The financial account should comply with the Rules and Regulations of fundraising events and should be sent to us by 15 February 2024.  


Let's be in touch!  

Please send us an e-mail with any concerns you might have or drop in for a chat! 




2023-12-06 15:56:56

PLN 14 million for children's ophthalmology 

On 5 December, we organized the 68th Open Tender dedicated to the aim of the 30th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, i.e. paediatric ophthalmology.