Our COVID-19 Relief Fund Raised
26 195 451 PLN
Coronavirus Relief

All Hands on Deck!


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is built thanks to hundreds of thousands of people, who give their time, and effort and skills to make the world a better place. Especially now, when we - as a society are faced with the coronavirus outbreak and, in attempt to stop it is self-isolating, some people might need that extra help and support to get through their day. It is heartening to know that there are people who are ready to go that extra mile to help those in need! 

If you need help or know someone who might require support in the day-to-day tasks, such as shopping, running emergency errands, send us an e-mail to [email protected] or fill in a form below. 

Our Peace Patrol volunteers and activists from local Collection Centres can help out! 

All requests for help are screened and then added to an interactive map showing where your help is most needed! In red - we marked requests for help, and in green, we marked requests which have been answered! 



2020-07-07 10:43:23

PLN 50 000 000 for COVID-19 Relief in Poland

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has oficially summed up its activities and support of Polish healthcare which aimed to address coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Our charity has donated medical equipment for PLN 48 000 000.