Declared amount for the 31st Grand Finale so far:
39 124 548 PLN
Helping Individuals

Responding to Requests of Individual Help


The primary objective of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation is to purchase state of the art medical equipment for paediatric wards in public hospitals in Poland. In addition, the Foundation has also bought medical equipment for senior and long-term-care units.

However, due to many appeals for help, the charity's board has launched an initiative to extend support to children who require continuous rehabilitation. The Foundation can help finance the purchase of rehabilitation devices or other necessary medical equipment for children up to the sum of 5000 PLN or cover 85% of the cost of the device. We address our help to children and young people with disabilities who are under years old 26. 

The Foundation can buy rehabilitation equipment for one person once in 3 years. 


 Since launching the project in 2005, we have purchased rehabilitation equipment for 7,617 children and adolescents and spent 

PLN 30,948,807.58

(over EUR 6,592,878.85) 


The documents required by the Foundation include: 

  • written request for equipment (complete with contact details) 
  • a proforma invoice for the purchase of the chosen equipment 
  • details about any additional funding 
  • medical opinion 
  • doctor's recommendation 
  • documents confirming the family's income 




2023-01-29 10:00:18

The 31st Grand Finale has just begun! Take a look at the grand opening of our annual event.

The orchestra is playing! The machine has already started and no one can stop this energy and good vibes that flow around the world