2024-04-12 14:46:46

The CPR training in Szadowo-Młyn is behind us!

Last week, a training course for candidates certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) and applying to become GOCC instructors took place at the Szadowo-Młyn GOCC Training Centre as part of the "CPR for Schools" educational program.

2024-04-10 14:25:05

Happy Easter 2024!

We wish you lots of strength, faith, and hope to day by day create a world of kindness, friendship, and mutual respect! May we all live in peace and love!

2024-04-10 14:15:57

Bielany is all in tune!

Almost 350m2 of the GOCC mural adorns the Bielany district! Designed by Jerzy Owsiak, the street wall art decorates the building at Marymoncka 155 in Warsaw.

2024-03-28 15:30:08

We know the final result of the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser!

It's high time we learned the final result of this year's collection - our Summer Blaze in January! Jurek Owsiak has just announced the final total of the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser.

2024-03-26 16:30:31

Join us on March, 27!

On March, 27, the GOCC Foundation will reveal the final result of the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser! The aim of the collection is to procure medical equipment for all 64 respiratory units nationwide.


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