During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Grand Finale

How can my company support the Grand Finale?

2024-01-23 09:30:00


The 1,685 Collection Centres in Poland and abroad are in the final lap of the preparations for the Grand Finale events. It's your last chance to participate in the initiative! See how your company can support the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser!


If there’s a will, there’s a way!


·        Set up the corporate eCollection Box

Our eCollection Box powered by Mastercard is the digital version of the traditional Collection Box. Everyone can register for this online fundraiser. It's a great way of taking the fundraiser into the online world. Setting up your eCollection Box is super easy and safe. You can register your online collection at iwolontariusz.org.pl. The link to the collection can be shared on your social media, in corporate newsletters, e-mails, websites and other communication! The collection ends on 29 January, i.e. a day after the Grand Finale.


·        Support your local Collection Centre

The Grand Finale is not just a usual fundraiser. It is a joyous celebration of kindness and solidarity through building local communities in different places around the world. It is local Collection Centres that organize various activities and plan out attractions for their community. To prepare for the events, they may need specific items such as office supplies, food, and hot drinks for volunteers, or financial support. Step in and offer your help! Find the nearest Collection Centre in our Directory and team up with them!


·        Put an item of your choice to a charity auction

Can you imagine the Grand Finale fundraiser without the GOCC colourful charity auctions on the Allegro platform? Sure not! It is a fixed element of our programme. When it comes to the ideas for what you may offer to the bidders – the sky is the limit! And your creativity leaves us speechless every year! We strongly encourage you to take part in the auctions. You can either auction your items individually or ask your nearest Collection Centre for support. The charity auctions will be on till 9 February!


Jurek Owsiak with the Golden PLAY Card before the 32nd Grand Finale, photo by: Łukasz Widziszowski


·        Take part in the Most Generous Benefactors Auctions

The awards at the Most Generous Benefactors Auctions are Gold Hearts, made from the gold items donated during the previous Grand Finale, and Golden PLAY Cards. Both have become a symbol and stand for the most prestigious awards for social engagement and responsibility in the history of the GOCC Foundation. If you would like to participate, you may already submit your offer!


·        Donate to aid the aim of the 32nd Grand Finale

You may choose to donate some funds to the account of the 32nd Grand Finale. You may visit our website and use the online template.


·        Sign up for the Get Even with Diabetes Run

Regardless of the type of club membership you have at work, whether it's a running club or a cool kids club, you can now use your influence to invite your colleagues to sign up for the Get Even with Diabetes Run. There are no more slots available for the stationary run in Warsaw, but you can still register for the online run. Learn more about the initiative and go!

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