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Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory opened!

2024-01-23 16:13:46

Five days before the 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we visited the 'Pomnik - Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka' (Children's Memorial Health Institute) to ceremoniously inaugurate the first Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory in Europe dedicated exclusively to the field of peadiatric ophthalmology.


The Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory at IPCZD was funded with proceeds raised during the 30th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which focused on peadiatric ophthalmology. The total value of the equipment in the Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory is PLN 4,685,000!


Opening of Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory at Children's Memorial Health Institute, photo by: Łukasz Widziszowski


We take pride in inaugurating the Ophthalmic Simulation Centre at the Children's Health Centre, the first of its kind in Europe, where doctors can build confidence in conducting complex examinations and surgical procedures. Collaborating with IPCZD, we have consistently transformed the reality, and we are delighted to continue this tradition by introducing something as modern and groundbreaking in this facility, whose history is closely intertwined with the Orchestra. In just a few days, on January 28, during the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser, we will highlight our initiatives, and we invite you to join us. - Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation

The event was attended by the GOCC Foundation's board members Jerzy Owsiak, Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak, Professor Bohdan Maruszewski, IPCZD Director Marek Migdał, MD, and IPCZD Ophthalmology Clinic Head Professor Wojciech Hautz.


Opening of Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory at Children's Memorial Health Institute, photo by: Łukasz Widziszowski



The Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory at IPCZD is an innovative facility designed to enhance the skills and experiences of doctors specializing in ophthalmology. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment, the laboratory allows the simulation of various ophthalmic problems—both diagnostic and surgical—from the neonatal period to the age of 18.


Due to the small size of the eye and its delicate tissues, most ophthalmic procedures are performed using an operating microscope - this is why we call it microsurgery. The learning curve for microsurgery is extensive. Simulators expedite the learning process of microscope usage, microsurgery tools, and proper surgical behaviour, thereby facilitating later work in the operating theatre and reducing complications. This, in turn, increases patient safety and lowers costs associated with post-operative complications. - Prof. Wojciech Hautz, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, IPCZD


The Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory features two diagnostic teaching devices:

  1. Biomicroscope - slit lamp for learning how to examine the anterior segment of the eye, assessing the angle of the isthmus (glaucoma), and evaluating the fundus of the eye.

  2. Indirect ophthalmoscope - for teaching accurate and comprehensive fundus examination.


Additionally, the laboratory comprises three surgical teaching stations:

  1. Virtual reality simulator for teaching cataract surgery and retinal detachment surgery.

  2. Teaching station for treating eye injuries using artificial eyeballs.

  3. Stand featuring real surgical equipment - an operating microscope, equipment for phacoemulsification, and authentic micro-tools - to teach cataract, glaucoma, and retinal detachment surgery using artificial eyeballs.


Once again, the GOCC Foundation has demonstrated its significant impact on the advancement of medicine in Poland. Through this laboratory, the team at the Ophthalmology Clinic of IPCZD will be able to assist patients more effectively and safely, as well as share their expertise with other doctors nationwide through advanced simulation techniques. We express our gratitude to the Foundation for its ongoing support and assistance in introducing the latest diagnostic and treatment methods. - Marek Migdał, MD, Director of IPCZD.


Opening of Ophthalmic Simulation Laboratory at Children's Memorial Health Institute, photo by: Łukasz Widziszowski


To date, we have purchased a total of almost 1.5 thousand devices worth more than PLN 120 million for the 'Pomnik - Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka' Institute, including the most expensive device in the history of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity—a PET-CT machine.

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