Declared result of the 32nd Grand Finale: PLN 175,426,813 Our account now:
175426813 PLN
Grand Finale

The Orchestra has started to play!

2024-01-28 09:03:10

Jurek Owsiak, conductor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, gave the signal and the 32nd Grand Finale officially began.

Start of the 32nd Grand Finale

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has just started its annual concert. The 32nd Grand Finale has kicked off! Today, we're all in tune! Everyone, everywhere, all at once!

This year's edition started with a great fundraising result. At the time of our official opening this morning, the declared amount of the Grand Finale was PLN 42,651,126.

Let's make our way back to a world full of colour and kindness, one where we can all embrace each other. Throughout 32 years and counting, this Orchestra has been the one goal that brings us Poles together in a remarkable way.
Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the board of the GOCC Foundation

Jurek Owsiak at the 32nd Grand Finale kick off. Photo Marcin Zieliński

With the funds raised during this year's Grand Finale, the GOCC plans to purchase equipment for the diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases. All of this from a new venuethe PGE Narodowy meadowswhich for this one day became the heart of the event.

New year = new venue

Our studio from which the broadcast is carried out, stage where the final concert will take place and the partners' zone, as well as the start of the 18th "Get Even with Diabetes Run". To sum it up, all of the important activities are in one place. Join us at the PGE Narodowy meadows this weekend.

The "Get Even with Diabetes Run"

This is the 18th edition of the run, but at the same time we will start fresh, at our new location  –  PGE Narodowy meadows. The run also has a new route. Registration for the run is already closed, but the GOCC Foundation is still running registration for the virtual run today (28.01.24), where there is no limit of participants.

PGE Narodowy meadows, 32nd Grand Finale. Photo Paweł Krupka

Grand finale concert

The most talented artists from Poland, but also from Ukraine and Sweden, will perform on our music stage. The bands have prepared a performance full of emotions which will warm the hearts of the participants. The artists will certainly make sure that everyone remembers them for a long time!

Schedule of Grand Finale concert:

14:00 – Wojtek Szumański 

14:30 – Booze & Glory 

15:00 – Golden Life 

15:30 – Dorosłe Dzieci

16:00 – Proletaryat 

16:30 – Luiku 

17:00 – Lordofon 

17:30 – Pull The Wire

18:00 – Poparzeni Kawą Trzy 

18:30 – BOKKA 

19:00 – Hoffmaestro

19:30 – Kwiat Jabłoni 

19:50 – Tulia 

20:00 – Światełko do Nieba

20:15 – Enej 

20:50 – Zalewski 

21:25 – LemON

GOCC Grand Finale studio on the PGE Narodowy meadows

Our studio, just like last year, is open to everyone who wants to feel the magic and energy of the Grand Finale. Visitors will be able to see for themselves the colourful stage design as well as listen to live music. Among others, on our studio’s stage we will host: Pull The Wire, Nadarzyn Orchestra, Police National Orchestra, Golden Life, Proletaryat, Luiku, Kiernozianie, Wiktor Dyduła, Booze & Glory, Wojtek Szumański, Dorosłe Dzieci, Poparzeni Kawą Trzy and Voo Voo.

Grand Finale partners zone

Right next to the Grand Finale music stage, there is a partners zone. All of them are supporting this year's Grand Finale. As every year, they have prepared a wealth of attractions for all visitors.

Where and how to watch our Grand Finale?

For those who can't come to the PGE Narodowy meadows, the Grand Finale is being broadcasted on a number of channels – online and on TV.

TV and internet broadcasts: 


  • TVN,
  • TVN24,
  • TTV,
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