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Corporate Support

Your business can support our charity!

Financial support
  • My company would like to donate a part of its profit from sale of products/services to the GOCC


    Both our name and logo are registered trademarks and cannot be used to promote the sale of any goods or services. We are unable to accept the fact that only a part of the proceeds will support the charitable objective of our work. 

    Please make sure to request permission to use our logo and/or name. Each usage of these trademarked materials requires us to sign an appropriate contract. 

    Find out more by writing to [email protected] or [email protected] 


  • My company is looking to support the GOCC


    That's great news! The easiest way to support our charity is by running an online collection and promote the fundraiser among your employees, customers, and friends! It is by far the easiest and most widely available method of supporting the work of the GOCC. Online fundraisers do not require any contractual obligations. You are also welcome to use our artwork to promote the fundraiser. 

    You can run a fundraiser on Facebook or one of the crowdfunding platforms, such as Siepomaga.pl. 

    If your company has access to any unique items or services you can donate to our Allegro auctions, please list them on the platform. The proceeds from the sale will go toward the charitable objective of the Finale. 

  • My company would like to donate money for shares and likes on social media

    We do not accept funds donated for social media traffic created by people who'd like to show their support for our charity. Appropriate contracts must regulate any form of marketing using our logo or name, or activities we take part in. 


  • My company supports the GOCC charity - can I publicize it on social media?


    Of course, you can share the information about the fact that you support our charity with your social media followers! 

    We have some tips to make it easier for you: 

    • please make sure to use the most recent artwork (you can download it here) 
    • please make sure to use proper names and terminology 
    • please make sure to keep the balance between your brand logo and the fact that you support us 
    • please make sure to tag our official accounts
    • please make sure to send your artwork, copy for our approval 
  • My company listed an item for an auction, can we promote it?

    Yes, of couse! 

    We have some tips and tricks for you - first of all, download and use our most recent artwork and make sure to use correct names and list the objectives of our fundraiser! 

  • My company donated money to the GOCC - will I receive any confirmation of my donation?


    First of all, thank you for your generous donation and support! If your company donated via Facebook in aid of our charitable initiatives, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] l and if you donated via bank transfer, please e-mail us at [email protected] 



Financial support - fundraiser
  • How can my company register on the iwolontariusz platform?

    Your company can register as our "volunteer" using our online platform. The platform gives you a variety of different fundraising options, such as online collection (iCollection Box) or Stationary Collection Box, which is a cardboard Collection Box, which can be displayed on your business premises. 

  • What is a Stationary Collection Box exactly?

    Basically, a Stationary Collection Box is a cardboard Collection Box which can be displayed on the premises of different businesses and companies. It must be displayed alongside a certificate, which confirms that business owners have registered the collection and that the money raised on heir premises will be donated to our charity in its entirety. 

  • Can I display your Collection Box on my premises?

    Yes, of course, but you have to register your fundraiser on our website first! 

  • What's the difference between a Stationary Collection Box and a Stationary Collection Box Collection Centre?


    A Stationary Collection Box is a Collection Box which can be displayed on premises of a shop, business - any publicly available space, where people can donate money. It should have its guardian assigned to it instead of a volunteer responsible for the collection. A local Collection Centre takes on the responsibility of overseeing the collection. 


    A Stationary Collection Box Collection Centre is a form of the fundraiser which is best suited for companies which have different premises located across the country or city. Think a chain of shops, or garages, or hair salons, which are run by the same management, which oversees the collection in different locations. 

  • How to apply to display Stationary Collection Box on my premises?


    Collection on business or Collection Centre premises from 15.12.2020 until the day of the Grand Finale on 10.01.2021. 

    You can register your Stationary Collection Box as a Stationary Collection Box by the Collection Centre or by its Guardian. 

  • Can my company fundraise online?

    Yes, of course. You can register an online Collection Box which will be assigned to your company. Your eCollection Box can be registered to start fundraising on December 1st, 2020 and you can keep it running until the Grand Finale on 10.01.2021. 

  • Where to look for a Collection Centre which will help me with registering my own Stationary Collection Box?

    Once you register on our platform, you will be able to search for your local Collection Centre, which will oversee the collection on your business premises. You can search by the ID of the Collection Centre, or browse by location. 

  • How will I find out that the Collection Centre accepted my request?

    Once you applied to receive a Stationary Collection Box from a Collection Cente, you can follow the progress of the application online. The change of the status will be visible in the "application status" tab. 

  • What are the benefits of registering on iwolontariusz platform?

    You can then run your online collection and support our objective with the entre company! 

  • Can I display a Stationary Collection Box without the permission from a Collection Centre?


    No, you must apply to a Collection Centre to receive a Stationary Box, if you want to run collection on your premises. The Collection Centre manages and oversees the entire collection in the local area, providing you with the Collection Box itself and any promotional materials you might need to run a successful fundraiser. 

Online Collection Boxes for Companies
  • What's an eColection Box?

    eCollection Box is our digital version of the traditional Collection Box. Everyone can register this online fundraiser. It's a great way of taking the fundraiser into the online world. 

  • Who can establish a corporate eCollection Box?

    The short answer is - anyone can register their very own eCollection Box! 

    If you are in touch with your local Collection Centre, and you registered your fundraiser as a Stationary Collection Box. You established your Collection Box Collection Centre; you can launch an eCollection Box as a supplementary fundraiser. 

    If you have not registered your Collection Centre, but still would like to fundraise online, you can register through our volunteer portal. 

  • How does an eCollection Box actually work?

    You can encourage your friends to donate to your company's online fundraiser. The idea behind this digital collection is translating the simplicity of donating to the cardboard Collection Box to the online experience. The link to the collection can be shared on your social media, in corporate newsletters, e-mails, websites and other communication! 

  • How to launch an eCollection Box?


    Register your profile on the iWolontariusz platform and click on the "launch" button. 

  • How to tell that my eCollection Box is active?

    You will receive an email with your personalized link to your fundraiser. You will also see the progress of your collection in your account. 

  • How do I tally the result of my eCollection Box fundraiser?

    You don't need to do anything. All eCollection Boxes will be tallied up automatically on midnight on the day of the Grand Finale. The result of your online collection will not be added to the traditional collection result! 

  • When can I fundraise using eCollection Box?

    You can register your eCollection Box starting from December 1st, and the fundraiser will automatically end at midnight on the day of the Grand Finale fundraiser. 

Support Collection Centres
  • We have financial means or products we want to donate to a Collection Centre

    If your company would like to support the organization of the Grand Finale and help out your local Collection Centre you can donate money, goods or services. You should get in touch with the local activists to see if you can offer anything that can prove useful in their tasks. 

    The activists will be able to tell you what can prove most useful - they might require your financial support, but more often than not, the volunteers would ask yo use your company's services. 

  • What are Collection Centres allowed to do?


    First and foremost, a Collection Centre is an independent entity, fundraising and working in aid, but not in the name of our charity It means that the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation will not cover the costs incurred by the Collection Centre. We are unable to pay for items or services purchased by a Collection Centre. 

    To take up the organization of the Grand Finale, each Collection Centre must apply for our official permission. You can ask to see the documents and registration before partnering with a Collection Centre of your choosing. 

  • What are the options of cooperating with a Collection Centre?

    The most common way of supporting a Collection Centre is a barter exchange between the sponsor and the Collection Centre. Your company can donate goods or services or cover some of the costs incurred by the efforts to organize the Grand Finale fundraiser. You can, for example, shoulder the costs of transport, or provide volunteers with snacks or office supplies. perhaps, your company provides services, which can prove to be necessary for volunteers? The best way to find out how you can play your part is to reach out to your local volunteers. 

    Another option, which is very popular among sponsors, is participation in our charitable auctions. Your company can donate an item or a service in aid of charitable auctions run by a Collection Centre you'd like to support. Reaching out to local volunteers is the best way to go about establishing a successful and mutually beneficial relationship between your company and the Collection Centre. 

  • What can a Collection Centre offer in exchange for our support?


    Cooperation with your local Collection Centre is the best way to not only improve your company's image and present your organization as socially aware, active, and engaged in the local community life; it's also a great way to get your brand introduced to plenty of people, who take part in the fundraiser. Local Collection Centres are often mentioned in media, working with volunteers is a sure way to get your company featured in the news and other media outlets. 

    Please bear in mind that you cooperate with your local Collection Centre, so please reach out to us to check if you can use our logo in your communication. 

Support Volunteers
  • We want to treat volunteers to warm beverages/meals/snacks

    First of all, - thank you! We really appreciate all initiatives which help make the day of our volunteers better! It takes a lot of effort to fundraise, especially on one of the coldest days in the year, so if you can help out, it's great! 

    You have two options of reaching out to volunteers: 

    • You can get in touch with your local Collection Centre directly. All contact details are available on our website. You can arrange the catering with the event organizers and coordinators directly. The Chief of the operations as the Collection Centre can list your offer in our system so that it will be visible on our website as well. 
    • You can list your offer using a form on our site. Once it's been approved by our moderator, it will be published on our site as well. 

    Please bear in mind that only free meals and beverage offers are featured on our site! 

  • Can I feature information about my company's support on my site?

    Of course! Writing about your support for volunteers on your site and featuring it on your social media channels is a great way of showing that you care for your community. It's also a great way to show your company in a positive light. 

    When posting about your involvement with our charity, please bear in mind that  you should follow some rules: 

    • make sure to use our most recent artwork 
    • make sure to use correct names and terminology when it comes to our organization and the aim of the Grand Finale 
    • make sure to mention who you are supporting 
    • make sure to keep the balance between your company logo and information about what you aim to do 
    • make sure to tag our official social media profiles 
    • make sure to send all your artwork and copy materials for approval to [email protected] and [email protected] 
  • How can I support volunteers directly?

    Some of the most popular ways of supporting volunteers usually consist of providing them with warm and cold snacks and different beverages to help them keep the energy up throughout the day. If you have any other ideas or options of helping make their day better, get in touch with your local volunteers to bounce some ideas off each other.