W ramach 31. Finału WOŚP zarejestrowaliśmy już
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Grand Finale

Get Even with Diabetes! Ready, steady, go!

2022-11-21 16:37:02

On the day of the 31st Grand Finale, the Get Even with Diabetes Race will be held for the seventeenth time. The registration process has traditionally started on World Diabetes Day. Participants may either join the event on Sunday, 29 January 2023 in Warsaw, or sign up for a virtual run and commit to cover the distance of 5 km wherever and whenever they wish. The registration process ends on the last day of January.  

 Participants of the 16th "Get Even with Diabetes" Race, photo: Lucyna Lewandowska
The idea behind the GOCC charitable run is to raise money to buy personal insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. This sporting event has a long-running tradition – runners came together to show their support to women battling diabetes since 2004. 

A healthy body makes a healthy spirit! That is the easiest way to explain our idea behind the race. In the end, however, we aim to buy modern insulin pumps for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes. The programme is so successful, simply because we ran it!

- Jurek Owsiak, the chairman of the board of the GOCC Foundation 


Sign up and run

Future participants may choose to either take part in the race through the streets of Warsaw on 29 January 2023 at midday or to join the virtual race and indicate the location and date (between 23 and 29 January) when they will cover the 5K distance. Additionally, runners get to choose the form of their activity. Even though the event is called “a race”, one may decide to just take a walk!
All those willing to sign up for the race may register via Slotmarket.pl. The race will be once again organized by Sport Evolution agency.

We are glad to one more time partner with the GOCC Foundation. The Get Even with Diabetes Race is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the day of the Grand Finale actively. Positive vibes on this short-distance run at a relaxed pace encourage you to start a sports adventure. We hope to see many beginners on the run!

Dariusz Pawelec, Sport Evolution


Sign up for a virtual race (23-29 Jan) 
Sign up for the race in Warsaw (29 Jan)


The registration process for the 17th Get Even with Diabetes Race was traditionally launched on 14 November 2022 on World Diabetes Day. Volunteers may sign up for the Warsaw race until 29 January (5,000 spots available), and till 30 January for the virtual race. 
All the registered participants will receive a starter pack including an orange T-shirt, buff and a medal, and the participant of the Warsaw race will also get their starting number. 


 Why “Get Even with Diabetes”?

“Get Even with Diabetes” Race promotes a healthy, active lifestyle, and draws attention to a very serious civilization issue, which is diabetes. According to the World Health Organization, as many as 440 million people around the world struggle with diabetes.
Thanks to the races organized by the GOCC Foundation in the years 2014-2021, 195 insulin pumps were purchased. Last year's race allowed for the purchase of 77 pumps more. 
The main sponsor of the event is Dawtona company – the fruit and vegetable products'  manufacturer – supporting the “Get Even with Diabetes” initiative
 Participants of the 16th "Get Even with Diabetes" Race, photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

The 16th record-breaking race

The idea of the Warsaw race grew popular over the years and was picked up by people from different parts of Poland and around the world. During the 16th edition of the Get Even with Diabetes Race, participants from 28 countries (i.a. India, Australia, South Africa, the US, and Iceland) were engaged. The 30th Grand Finale and the 16th edition of the race attracted 9270 runners from different corners of the globe and 4056 participants who joined the race in Warsaw. Together they covered a distance of 76,889 km! 
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