Declared result of the 32nd Grand Finale: PLN 175,426,813 Our account now:
175426813 PLN
32nd Grand Finale Volunteer

How to recognize a GOCC Volunteer?


Each time, the Grand Finale event has its very distinct design. Each volunteer fundraising in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser must carry an ID card and a Collection Box. How to recognize a valid ID card and Collection Box? 


Pay extra attention to the ID card - it should contain some of the most relevant information, such as: 

  • name & surname 
  • photo of the volunteer 
  • Collection Centre's number 
  • collection's number
  • hologram sticker 
  • Foundation's stamp 
  • QR code 


Make sure the Collection Box number matches the one on the ID card, proving the person is a registered GOCC volunteer!


fot. Łukasz Widziszowski 

Finally, bear in mind that our Collection Boxes will be displayed on different premises and shops across the country and the world. Funds can be raised until the end of the day of the Grand Finale on January 28th. 





2024-02-22 16:57:37

The declared result of the fundraiser is in!

The declared amount at the end of the 32nd Grand Finale day was PLN 175,426,813. Today, we have achieved the expected result in our fundraiser's account. However, it is not over yet. We continue to tally the funds. The final result will be revealed on 27 March!