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Medical and Educational Programmes


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity initiated and finances eight medical initiatives carried out by hospitals and clinics nationwide. The objective of the programmes is a comprehensive improvement in all chosen areas of medical care. The charity also runs an educational programme targeted towards primary school children. 



  • Nationwide Programme for Early Cancer Diagnosis in Children - launched a national network of diagnostic centres, which have substantially improved the cancer diagnostic in children. The Programme also includes information campaigns to raise doctors' and parents' awareness of cancer symptoms and diagnostic and treatment of the disease. 


  • Nationwide Programme for Newborn Hearing Screening - this national Programme offers free hearing tests to all babies born in public hospitals in Poland. The tests allow medical professionals to diagnose any hearing defects early and take action as fast as possible. 




  • Nationwide Programme for Noninvasive Respiratory Support of Newborns - 'Infant Flow' - the goal is to lower the number of cases in which mechanical ventilation of premature babies and newborns is needed because mechanical ventilation often leads to severe pulmonary complications. Instead, we offer a modern and non-invasive method, which does not require the infant to be intubated: the so-called "Infant Flow" technique.



  • Love Heals initiative - we want to supply children's hospitals not only with medical devices but provide parents, who are staying by their children's bedside, with comfortable furniture to ensure they get their rest. We also donate nursing chairs. 


  • Individual Help -  we help finance the purchase of rehabilitation devices for children and young adults with disabilities. In addition, we want to help parents and guardians buy equipment such as wheelchairs, rehabilitation bikes, standing aids. 


  • CPR for Schools Programme - aims to provide teachers of elementary schools with first aid training, enabling them to pass what they have learned on to their students. We also provide schools with necessary teaching aids such as manikins, textbooks and DVDs