At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN
Collection Centre

Play your part in the Grand Finale!


Before you spring into action, we advise you to check if there is an already established local Collection Centre which might need your help. Maybe your participation and vision will inspire the crew at the Collection Centre to come up with an unforgettable Grand Finale activities! Our idea for the day is to have different people come together, building a tight-knit community of volunteers and people working for the same goal. 

However, if there isn't a Collection Centre nearby, you can establish your own. It's no easy task, but well worth the effort and work! 


Volunteers brave the weather


How to go about establishing a Collection Centre? 


1. Assemble a team of people who are going to be responsible for running the Collection Centre. Let's call them the Collection Centre Crew. 

2. Familiarise yourselves with the Rules and Regulations of the Collection Centre.

- read and follow the following documents as well: Volunteer Registration Procedure 2019, Stationary Collection Box Registration Procedure 2019 and Rules and Regulations of Stationary Collection Box Fundraiser 2019 (for Collection Centres). 

3. Choose who will serve as the Chief of the Collection Centre. Chief is responsible for coordinating the work of the Collection Centre. 

4. Chief of the Collection Centre needs to register in the Chief of the Collection Centre Database: they have to fill in the application form, read and agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations

5. The application form, which has been filled by the Chief, has to printed out and signed by the members of the committee. The members of the committee are responsible for calculating the funds. 

6. The application form, after it has been duly signed and stamped, needs to be sent to the GOCC office by post or handed in in person. 

If you still have some questions or concerns, make sure to read the Rules and Regulations carefully before contacting the team responsible for coordinating the work of the Collection Centres! 

Our postal address is Fundacja WOŚP, Dominikańska 19c, 02-738 Warszawa. Remember to write 'Sztaby' (Collection Centres) on the envelope with your submission. The deadline falls on 16.11.2020. 

Each Collection Centre has to follow the rules and regulations stated in the Rules and Regulations. There are no exceptions!  

Please make sure to follow all COVID-19 regulations and ensure the health and safety of all volunteers and participants. 


Important! We have to receive the original form - not a copy! -  with original signatures and stamps! We can not register photocopies, scans, or any other versions of the application form! We will not process your application form unless it is the original document! 


Volunteer ready to take action!


You decided to establish a Collection Centre - now what?

Let me tell you about the volunteers

About collection boxes & public fundraising 

About concerts & other events

A few words about sponsors

How to settle the accounts - counting the money raised during the Grand Finale 

How to get in touch with us



Our cute volunteers!





Tips for running a thriving Collection Centre 


Coordinating all activities of the Collection Centre requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. The key to running a successful initiative is assembling an enthusiastic team of people. It is essential to divide the responsibilities efficiently so that the work of your Collection Centre runs smoothly. Chief of the Collection Centre must make sure that the Collection Centre runs according to the Rules and Regulations. It would help if you also remembered that the Collection Centre works on behalf of the GOCC Foundation, not the other way around. 

The Foundation can refuse to register a Collection Centre. We usually try to explain why we could not register your initiative, but we have the right to reject an application without explaining. If the application form is filled incorrectly, and it does not raise any objections from us, we proceed with the registration process. The permission to establish a Collection Centre, issued by the GOCC Foundation, is an official document, which allows you to begin your work. The process of Collection Centre registration starts when we receive the original (appropriately signed and stamped) of the application form. 

Another important thing you should consider is the Collection Centre premises. Premises of the Collection Centre would host meetings with prospective and current volunteers. As such, it should be an open-access place such as a community centre or a room on council premises, or even a large classroom at the local school. If your team is guests of such a public space, remember that your application form should include a signature and a stamp of the person responsible for the premises, which will be hosting the Collection Centre. 

The Grand Finale is an event organized thanks to the local efforts, and it means that each Collection Centre takes up full responsibility for its work and operation. The Foundation, as a public benefit organization, cannot be billed for the costs incurred by the Collection Centres, unless your Collection Centre has received official permission from the accounting department of the Foundation to do so. 

The way we work is a veritable phenomenon, and the basis of our 'playing' is mutual trust and respect. It is essential to remember that our activities are all bound by the word of law. It is paramount for us that there is not even a shade of doubt about the integrity of our initiatives. Chief of a Collection Centre should be aware of the fact that it is their responsibility to make sure that the work of their teams is lawful, transparent, and honest. All documents, which reach our offices, are thoroughly checked, and we pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of Polish citizens name the GOCC Foundation as the most trustworthy initiative in the country. 



Volunteering for a good cause







To put matters - volunteers working at the Collection Centre are Chief's sole responsibility. The Chief decides who will join the ranks of the volunteers and raise funds on January 10th. It would help if you remembered that these should be the people you can trust implicitly. We encourage you to use the questionnaires that the volunteers fill in as a tool to make your decisions easier. Make sure to study the questionnaires - there can be no doubt about the integrity and honesty of the people who are going to be collecting money from the donors, because the GOCC volunteers become faces of our cause, and they should be trustworthy

Try to inform your local community about your initiative. Let the members of your local community know where you work and how to join your Collection Centre. Ensure that your volunteers actively raise funds locally - we would like you to inform your team that they should not compete with another Collection Centres, by fundraising in their local area, for example. We are all meant to support each other's activities, after all! 

Chief of each Collection Centre is responsible for collecting personal details, insurance numbers, e-mail addresses and contact details of the volunteers and entering the data into the Database. 

It would help if you made sure that the volunteers know and follow the Volunteer's Code of Practice 2019. Please emphasize the fact that the volunteers working in your area should not knock on people's doors and raise money on shop's or supermarket's premises unless you have received explicit permission from their owners to do so. 

The matter of volunteers' age has raised a lot of concerns in the past. We have decided that the volunteers under 16 years of age can fundraise, provided that an adult guardian accompanies them. We implore you to make sure that your volunteers feel safe. You can notify the police about your activities and let them know in which area you plan to collect funds. You can also arrange your team's meeting with the law enforcement services - this way, you will be able to avoid any misunderstandings. 



Volunteers jump for joy




Collection Boxes and public fundraiser 


The office provides each Collection Centre with a set of Collection Boxes. Each year we use cardboard Collection boxes, with designs and colour scheme which the aesthetic theme the Foundation chose for the Grand Finale. Collection Boxes must be sealed with official banderols and marked with the ID number of the volunteer. Unfortunately, the volunteers cannot keep the used collection boxes as keepsakes of the day, and the Chief of the Collection Centre is responsible for utilizing the Collection Boxes after the day of the Grand Finale. 





Concerts and Fundraising Events


Crews at the Collection Centres never cease to amaze us! You guys come with the best ideas for concerts and other events, such as sporting competitions and auctions, which are meant to accompany the fundraiser. We encourage you to reach out to local performers and cooperate with them to make the Grand Finale an exciting and engaging event, which is going to attract more people. It will also allow you to showcase talented people living and working in your area; promoting local performers also brings people together. 

Please remember that all appropriate laws regarding the organization of concerts and other public events still apply to the Grand Finale. Remember, too,  that you have to obtain separate permission from your local law enforcement and council to organize an additional event, even if it is meant to accompany the fundraiser. 

When organizing fundraising events and other activities, please make sure to familiarize yourselves and follow all COVID-19 rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of all volunteers and participants. 







Holding the Grand Finale can incur a lot of costs, that's why working with sponsors might prove to be essential. For example, money obtained from the sponsors of a Collection Centre can be used to cover the band's travel expenses. 

All costs incurred by the organization of the fundraiser should be covered by the money received from the sponsors. Having received the financial support from the sponsor, it is up to the Collection Centre to decide if they would like to promote the sponsor during the event. Please note that you need to inform us about the sponsorship and make sure you have our permission to use the GOCC logo and name. It would help if you also made sure that the sponsor is aware of the fact that they are supporting the event organized as a part of the fundraiser, and not making a direct donation for the cause of the Grand Finale. 



Volunteers in their office





Accounts and finances


Funds raised by each volunteer need to be counted individually and in the presence of the volunteer him or herself. It would help if you tried to divide tasks in your Collection Centres so that the members of the counting committee can count the funds in the presence of the volunteer. The sum should be recorded in a particular document, which serves as an acknowledgement of the volunteer's work during the Grand Finale. 

Each Collection Centre should have an especially designate committee, which will be responsible for counting the money. The committee should also create a report. The report should bear the signatures of the members of the committee. There should be no, and it is of paramount importance - no doubt whatsoever about transparency and integrity behind the process of raising money. After the funds have been counted, the money should be packed into special secure envelopes, which should be marked and ready to hand to the bank. The task of the Chief of the Collection centre and committee is to ensure there is not even a hint of a doubt about how your Collection Centre handles the donations. It is essential to ensure that money from each collection box is counted individually. It means that there should not be any common collecting box for the entire Collection Centre, for example. 

All documents connected with the accounts of the fundraiser should be posted or personally delivered to the GOCC offices in Warsaw by January 31st, 2021. 

Funds raised during the Grand Finale are re-counted in specially designated Calculation Centres, which are established in cooperation with our banking partner Pekao.SA. The Foundation is obliged to submit a detailed report on the funds raised by the Collection Centre by the time specified by the Ministry of Interior and Administration. 

After all documents  Collection Centre have been verified, you will receive official information about the dissolution of your Collection Centre and gratitude forms, which you will be able to pass to your sponsors and volunteers. 





Let's be in touch! 


Being in touch with the wast network of Collection Centres is an essential part of coordinating the Grand Finale initiative. Each year we have more and more information to pass on to the Collection Centres. 

We want to let everyone know about what you do - you keep amazing us with your ingenuity and creativity with which you make your ideas take shape! Make sure to let us know about your plans for the fundraisers - you have an option to create your news updates and schedule a series of events accompanying the fundraiser. 


Please send us an e-mail with any concerns you might have or drop in for a chat! 



Beautiful volunteers

2021-06-16 16:05:22

PLN 16.7 Million for Children's Medicine

We have summed up the 57th Open Tender, where we focused on the purchase of medical equipment for children's heart surgery and anesthesiology. We bought 242 medical devices, which will be donated to hospitals in 23 cities across the country.