Declared amount for the 31st Grand Finale so far:
39 124 548 PLN

Programme for Paediatric Rheumatic Diseases Diagnostics


Correct diagnosis


We launched this initiative in 2019. This new initiative aims to equip Paediatric Rheumatology Centres with medical equipment, ensuring that all children access professional treatment and care. We have bought sophisticated ultrasound systems for 22 Rheumatology Centres. We also aim to raise awareness and educate parents and doctors about children’s rheumatic diseases symptoms and treatment.


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity bought and donated a total of 44 devices: 

  • 19 USG premium-grade USG machines with cardiological features 
  • 8 densitometers 
  • 14 USG machines with a feature to perform joint ultrasonography 
  • 3 low-field MRI scanners 



2023-01-29 10:00:18

The 31st Grand Finale has just begun! Take a look at the grand opening of our annual event.

The orchestra is playing! The machine has already started and no one can stop this energy and good vibes that flow around the world