During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN

Let's Break CPR Record

In aid of European Restart a Heart Day we aim to set a new world record in CPR performed simultaneously across the country. We would like to celebrate the day, which falls on October 16th together with teachers and schoolchildren who took part in our CPR for schools programme.

In the previous years, we have come together to attempt to set a new record at CPR. These are the data:


2019 - 150,560 people in 1,380 various institutions took part in the action
2018 - 116,342 people took part in the action
2017 - 85,010 people took part in the action
2016 - 66,745 people took part in the action, and we broke the record in Poland – in the biggest CPR learning session, in which the total of 16,557 people took part 
2015 - 980 various institutions and 92,049 people took part in the action, using 5,411 phantoms 
2014 - 67,396 people took part in the action
2013 - 83,111 people in 1,132 various institutions took part in the action



Well done to everyone involved! 

We are very proud to be able to say that almost all primary school children have been taught first aid within our CPR for Schools programme. We are always happy to receive pictures from schools, where we can see how fun and engaging first aid lessons can be. Teaching first aid to kids improves their confidence, teaches them to stay calm in case of an accident, shows them how to assess their environment and how to react to a new, stressful situation. It also shows them how to take responsibility for others and how to function as a fully-fledged member of society. Children are fast to learn and are eager to take up new challenges - learning how to call the emergency services and how to help others without putting their own lives at risk. 

What we would like to do - we would love to celebrate the dedicated teachers, who take up CPR lessons as an extra-curricular activity and children who give their energy and attention to the lessons. Raising awareness about Restart a Heart day in Poland will become a series of different events across the country. Schools and emergency services involve local communities who will come together to learn and have fun! We would also like to advertise how easy it is to learn CPR, which might help you save someone in need one day! 


2024-06-26 14:26:30

We’re off on a shopping spree on Monday!

The 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) was dedicated to acquiring equipment for diagnosing, monitoring, and rehabilitating patients in pulmonology wards – catering to both children and adults. Just under five months after the campaign ended, we are ready to make our first purchases of equipment.