During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN

Equipment for Polish Hospitals

Equipment bought by the foundation is donated to Polish hospitals, which have applied for support to the GOCC. The foundation, as the benefactor, reserves the right to control the institutions which receive medical devices and equipment. The contract between the foundation and hospitals receiving the equipment states that: 

  • equipment can not be used for commercial gain
  • equipment should be put to continuous use to treat patients, who were named as the beneficiaries of the fundraiser 
  • equipment should be used to treat only the patients, who were named as the beneficiaries of the fundraiser
  • equipment should remain on the premises of the ward it has been donated to. Any change of the location of the equipment should be agreed upon by the GOCC
  • equipment can be passed on to third parties (such as different hospital) only after GOCC gives permission to do so


Due to the fact that the foundation has purchased an impressive amount of equipment - thousands of pieces of equipment, ranging from massive machines such as MRI scanners to small devices such as aspirator pumps, we are unable to keep track of all our donations. Thankfully, we can rely on social control - the members of public let us know when they notice any irregularities in the ways that the equipment is put to use - and we are able to step in. 


What is more, it is important to state that each unit, which received support from us, has to let us know about any changes in the legal status of the unit in order to move the equipment to the new unit. The foundation closely monitors the change of location and status of the unit, in order to ensure that the equipment is used to its full capacity in the treatment of patients. 


How do we buy the equipment?


We begin the process by compiling hospital requests for equipment. Then, we organise Open Tenders, when our medical and technical experts assess offers made by the manufacturers and dealers of medical equipment. The Open Tenders are open to any manufacturers and dealers who have their representatives in Poland. The Open Tenders are held in Polish only.


The Open Tender is organised in line with clear and publicly available rules and regulations. There are three “entries” marking three stages of the procedure:

  • First entry focuses on the quality assessment. Experts review all the offers we received from the Bidders and consider all the pros and cons of each device.
  • Second entry is the time for all the companies to discuss their offers in detail. Bidders get the chance to present their equipment and share more specifics regarding their parameters and functionalities.
  • Final entry includes individual meetings between the committee and the Bidders, during which the final conditions, including price details, are being discussed.


The report of the purchases made at each Open Tender is filed with the relevant Ministries. Having accounted for all purchases, we submit a full financial report listing: the amount, worth, quality, type of equipment we purchased and specify to which facilities the equipment will be delivered. 


The list of all Open Tenders organised by the GOCC Foundation




2024-06-26 14:26:30

We’re off on a shopping spree on Monday!

The 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) was dedicated to acquiring equipment for diagnosing, monitoring, and rehabilitating patients in pulmonology wards – catering to both children and adults. Just under five months after the campaign ended, we are ready to make our first purchases of equipment.