During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply?
  • How to volunteer with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity?

    If you would like to play your part at the Grand Finale fundraiser in January, you may: 

  • Where do I find the list of Collection Centres?

    The list of Collection Centres is available on our website

  • Can I register online?

    Yes! We have launched an online registration platform for volunteers! You will find a list of Collection Centres at iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl. Send your application to your local Collection Centre and wait for them to get back to you. Remember, that you will still have to visit the premises of the Collection Centre to verify the data in your application. 

  • What to do with a token?

    Some Collection Centres can use tokens to register volunteers. Use your token - a set of numbers - to register at iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl. You will have to enter your details and upload a photo in order to complete your application. Entering a token into the search engine and it will bring up your Collection Centre. 

    Underage volunteers should hand it their tokens to their legal guardians. 

  • How will I find out that I've qualified to volunteer?

    If you are not sure that you've been registered as a volunteer, you should get in touch with your Collection Centre directly. 

  • Is there an age limit for volunteers?

    All ages are welcome! If you are underage, we would ask your guardian or a parent to sign Volunteer's Declaration. 

  • Can I fundraise if I am underage?

    Of course! We would like to ask an adult to accompany you on the day of the fundraiser. 

    When registering to volunteer online, you'd have to ask your parent or guardian to help as well. 

  • What sort of picture do you need to make my ID badge?

    The picture can't be smaller than 800 x 600 pixels and we need to have it in .jpg. format. Make sure to choose a photo where your face is in the forefront and it is easy to recognize you - just like on any ID photograph. 

How does the iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl work?
  • What is the iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl platform?

    iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl is our database, where you can register your account and apply to volunteer with your local Collection Centre. You can also use your account to launch an online Collection Box to support the aim of the Grand Finale. 

  • Who can use the iwolontariusz platfom?

    Anyone can register on the platform (underage users need to ask their parents or guardians for help). 

    There are three different options for registering your participation in the Grand Finale fundraiser. You can register as: 

    • a volunteer who is of age – over 18 years old 
    • a volunteer who is under 18 years old 
    • a company, corporate office, fundraising event 
  • How to create an account on the platform?

    Go to the iwolontariusz platform and click “create an account” [Polish “załóż konto”] button. If you are under 18 years of age, make sure to ask your parents or legal guardians to help by setting up your account. 

    Fill in your details, contact information, and make sure to read through the GDPR clause. Click on the activation link to complete the creation of your account. 

    Once you click on the activation link, you will be redirected to the welcome site and ask to choose the path ⇾ volunteer / parent/ company.

  • What are the fundraising options available for a volunteer registered online?

    There are two fundraising options available for all volunteers registered in our database. 

    1. If you applied to volunteer at your local Collection Centre, you will receive your cardboard Collection Box and will fundraise according to the decisions of the Chief of the Collection Centre 

    2. Every volunteer registered at the iwolontariusz can launch an online eCollection Box and fundraise both online and offline, as well as just run an online fundraiser. If you missed a free slot in your Collection Centre, you may run your online collection in aid of the Grand Finale. Launch your eCollection Box and run your online fundraiser! All the eCollection Boxes will be closed just before midnight (at 23:59) on the day of the Grand Finale.

During the fundraiser
  • Where do volunteers collect money?

    Volunteers collect funds in the area of their Collection Centre - in the streets, squares, and other public spaces in towns and villages across the country. We ask you not to go door-to-door fundraising! You can also be a part of a "Closed Event" and raise money during a concert or a different performance. 

  • Can I fundraise in shops, shopping centres, in churches?

    First of all, you need to have the permission from owners or managers of the venues you would like to fundraise at. If you don't get permission to collect money on a private property, you should leave the premises as soon as possible. 

  • Any advice for a first-time volunteer?

    First of all - smile and make new friends! Fundraising should be fun for you and for people who donate. You mustn't force anyone to donate, and you shouldn't do door-to-door fundraising. Don't try to argue with people who don't support our initiative and remember to thank each person who makes a donation - even the smallest sum matters. Another important thing to bear in mind is that the Grand Finale is not about comparing who has raised more money - every little help! 

    Thank everyone for their support!

    Make sure to take care of yourself and your safety first: dress for the weather, take breaks for food and hot drinks (you may want to take a thermo mug with you), and never fundraise alone! 

    You may plan to wear some colourful, funny costumes. Always wear your ID and be ready to present it whenever you are asked to do so. 


    Look for tips on our Facebook group. Ask more experienced volunteers for advice, too! 

  • Is public transport free for volunteers?

    Some cities provide free public transport for Grand Finale volunteers. List of towns where public transport is free will be available on our websites.  

  • Are there free meals and beverages for volunteers?

    There are restaurants which would provide complimentary food and drinks for volunteers. Check our website to find the list! 

After the fundraiser
  • Will I receive any sort of an acknowledgement for the work I did for the Foundation?

    Each Collection Centre receives a set of acknowledgements, which also serve as a document stating how much each volunteer managed to collect. The Chief of a Collection Centre is obliged to pass them on to each volunteer. We are unable to issue additional acknowledgement documents to the volunteers, who have helped during the Grand Finale. 

eCollection Boxes
  • What's an eCollection Box?

    It's a digital version of a Collection Box - an online tool tailor-made for Grand Finale volunteers. 

  • Who can use an eCollection Box?

    Every volunteer can launch their very own individual eCollection Box, and everyone can use this feature to donate! 

  • What do I need to do to launch my eCollection Box?

    First of all, you have to log into the iwolontariusz platform. Then, it takes just three easy steps in virtual reality to activate this application.


    Should you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] - we are here to help!

  • How will I know that my eCollection Box is ready?

    The system will generate an individual link, directing to your personal eCollection Box & you will notice a control panel (stating the total amount you have raised so far as well) appear on your iwolontariusz account. 

  • How does the eCollection Box work?

    You can share link directing to your personal eCollection Box with your friends and use social media to promote your collection - make sure that people know that you are raising money for a good cause. 

  • When can I fundraise with my eCollection Box?

    You can set up your eCollection Box in December. The eCollection Box will active till the end of January. It will then close automatically. 

  • What do I need to do to report the amount of money I raised in my eCollection Box?

    Nothing! The app will automatically shut down, and the amount you raised online will be then added to the sum you have raised using your cardboard Collection Box - offline! 

  • Will the money I raise online be added to my offline result?

    Yes! The eCollection Box application is connected with our Volunteer database, so the amount of money you managed to raise online will be added to your final tally. 

Information for Parents and Guardians
  • Can underage people raise money for your charity?

    Of course! Please remember that underage volunteers should be accompanied by adults when fundraising - just for the sake of their safety! Parents or guardians' consent is also required when registering the account of a new volunteer in the database. 

  • What's the process of registration for parents of volunteers?

    You should first register as a guardian in our volunteer database and proceed to register your kids as volunteers through the iwolontariusz portal.