Financial Reports

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is a public benefit organisation raising money to support Polish public health care. Our objective might sound quite simple, but we face a formidable task - we raise money to equip paediatric and geriatric wards with top-notch equipment. Donations are critical to the work we do, and they enable us to purchase equipment for the hospitals and run our medical and educational programmes. We, as always, extend our warmest thanks to our supporters, who donate to the cause during one-day public fundraiser known as the Grand Finale, and to those who support us via online payments and manifest their support by volunteering. 





Financial Report from the Grand Finale Fundraiser

The foundation provides detailed financial reports from the Grand Finale fundraising effort. The reports include the amount of money collected during the public fundraiser as well as online and phone donations and money raised at charitable auctions. According to the Fundraising Act, legislating public fundraising in Poland, the failure to provide a detailed report on how much we have raised and how we have spent the funds will result in authorities withdrawing their permission to organise the fundraiser in the following year.

We publish our report on March the 8th and submit a detailed account of the year's fundraiser to the Ministry of Interior and Administration. To put matters simply, we detail how much we have managed to raise and what were the costs of holding the fundraiser. The next step is a careful consideration of the requests submitted by the hospitals. Our team of experts holds an open tender for medical equipment producers in order to choose the best devices that will be donated to hospitals. Another report for the Ministry follows. This time the report concerns the purchases made during the open tender. After the foundation has finalised all purchases and all the accounts are settled, we are able to submit the complete report of the result of the fundraiser - both listing the amount of money raised vs the equipment we have purchased. The detailed report is usually a long document, but individual donors can check exactly how their donations have supported Polish medicine by visiting: 



Our yearly reports are always checked by an auditing company and then are sent to the following institutions: 

  • Department of Social Economy and Public Benefit within the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Policy - to be entered into the Public Benefit Organisations Financial Accounts Database 
  • Appropriate revenue office

We also publish our reports on our websites in order to ensure complete transparency of our actions. 



Financial reports for the following years are available in Polish:
 2008200920102011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Financial report of Woodstock Festival Poland fundraiser - 2015

2024-04-12 14:46:46

The CPR training in Szadowo-Młyn is behind us!

Last week, a training course for candidates certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) and applying to become GOCC instructors took place at the Szadowo-Młyn GOCC Training Centre as part of the "CPR for Schools" educational program.